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C.A. Middleton Smith (1879-1951) and Engineering Education in Hong KongFung, KW201164
C.A. Middleton Smith (1879-1951) and The Establishment of Engineering ‎ Faculty at the University of Hong KongFung, KW201219
Cadenza as reception: stylistic and structural analysis of selected cadenzas for the first movement ofBeethoven's piano concerto op. 58Kwan, Kit-hing, Kelina.; 關傑卿1994598
Cai Yuanpei's views on educational and political pursuits(1911-1927)Lui, Mo-dock.; 雷武鐸1997564
Cai Zhefu's hand written copy of Nanshe Xiangji FuluYeung, YF1999147
Calling for Help. Carolyn D. Baker, Michael Emmison, Alan Firth (Eds.), John Benjamins, Amsterdam/Philadelphia, 2005, xviii + 352 pages, EUR 120Luke, KK200764
The Cambridge Foucault LexiconO'Leary, TE201326
Can 'Intrinsic' be defined using only broadly logical notions?Marshall, D200978
Can computer-naive Language Teachers build flexible and interactive components for Language courses: a case studyChan, CM201150
Can course objectives promote learners' motivation and sense of achievements?Mito, A201214
Can Culture be Translated? The Transformation of Otaku Culture in ChinaSong, G201372
Can modifiers occur after nouns in Cantonese?Luke, KK199572
Can Scientific Values Be Extended to the Public Sphere? (review article)Ci, J200699
Can We Have Heritage Preservation Without Decolonization in Hong Kong? The Lessons of the Star Ferry and Queen's Pier Movement”Szeto, MM2007126
Can you paraphrase scaffolding knowledge construction in online discussionsCheung, LML2009102
Candaux, J.D. & Drouin, J.M. (eds.) (2003). Augustin-Pyramus de Candolle: Mémoires et souvenirs (1778-1841): Book reviewsCook, GA2005248
Canonical and poetic studies in Hu Chenggong's Maoshi Houjian=Tu, Tsung-lan.; 杜宗蘭.2007112
The canonical word order myth: investigating a processing-typological puzzle in the Cantonese double object constructionCheung, AKS; Matthews, SJ2010167
Canton days and canton ways: the Canton System in its regional contextCarroll, JM201092
The Canton System: Conflict and Accommodation in the Contact ZoneCarroll, JM2010169
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