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Reply to Ian JohnstonRobins, D201251
Report on the Fourth International Conference on the Evolution of the East Asian EnvironmentMacPherson, KL199569
Report on the ISCM World Music Days Festival 2010Chan, JKB201195
A report on the workshop on complexity in linguistics: Developmental and evolutionary perspectivesGong, T; Coupé, C201161
Reporters and their sources in a 'hidden' war: international news coverage of Cambodia, 1979-1991Clarke, Judith Lesley.1999207
Reporting Hong Kong: Foreign Media and the HandoverKnight, A; Nakano, Y199986
Representation and identity in Xixi's novelsChiu, Ka-yun, Denise.; 趙家欣.2004519
Representation of female vampires in Bram Stoker's "Dracula" and horror filmsTso, Wing-bo.; 曹穎寶.2004728
Representation of masculinity in postmodern writings: sexuality and madness in Puig's Buenos Aires affairLo, Wai-chun, Louis.; 勞維俊.2000319
Representation of motherhood in 19th and 20th century textsBen-Sira, Tallya.2002250
Representation of war and history in Murakami Haruki's The wind-up bird chronicleKakoi, Naoko.; 栫直子.2007321
Representational Theories of ConsciousnessLau, JYF199993
Representationalism: Orgasm and TransparencyDeutsch, ME200875
Representations and problematics of hybridity in Amitav GhoshChiu, Wing-suen; 趙穎璿201334
Representations of 'Hong Kong' in Hong Kong poetry in EnglishWong, Ho-yin.; 黃皓賢2002219
Representations of adolescence in the modern city: Voluntary provision and work in Nottingham and Saint-Etienne, 1890-1914Pomfret, DM2001136
Representations of Chinese women in three modern literary textsYu, Siu-hung.; 余小紅.2005293
Representations of minority groups in Australian media: a case study of the Beach Riots, Sydney, Dec. 2005Cartledge, Jillian Maree.2007236
Representing Chineseness: the problem of ethnicity and sexuality in Chinese American female literatureNg, Yor-ling, Carly.; 吳若寧.2011215
Representing crises in German culture in Doctor FaustusWong, Kwok-kui.; 黃國鉅1998228
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