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Relative clauses and the word order typology of Chinese: a parsing perspectiveMatthews, SJ1997102
Relative clauses and word-order variation in SiniticAnsaldo, U1998113
Relative clauses in Cantonese-English bilingual children: Typological challenges and processing motivationsYip, V; Matthews, S2007197
Relative clauses in Cantonese: an LFG approachSoong, Kwan-hung.; 宋君鴻.2009352
Relative clauses in early bilingual development: transfer and universalsYip, V; Matthews, SJ2000124
Relative clauses in early bilingual development: transfer and universalsMatthews, SJ; Yip, V2002127
Relativization in DagaareBodomo, AB; Hiraiwa, K2004111
Relativization in Dàgáárè and its typological implications: Left-headed but internally-headedBodomo, A; Hiraiwa, K2010231
Relevance, accommodation and conversation: Modeling the social dimension of communicationCoupland, N; Jaworski, A1997107
Religion and the sacred in the works of Haruki MurakamiBates, David Christopher201391
Religion, redemption and revolution: the new speech thinking of Franz Rosenzweig and Eugen Rosenstock-HuessyCristaudo, WA201241
Religions And Management: A Case Study Of Yaohan In Hong KongWong, HW2011101
Religious liberty, religious diversity, and religion in politics: in search of an appropriate role ofreligion in public political culture for a democratic ChinaXie, Zhibin.; 謝志斌.2004514
Religious Networking and Upstream Buddhist Wall Paintings in Burma.Green, AR2008103
Remapping Hong Kong popular music: Covers, localisation and the waning hybridity of CantopopChu, YW; Leung, E201368
Remapping Taipei: globalization and Edward Yang's filmsSze, Siu-sin, Jean.; 史筱倩.2003911
Remembering Mass: response to Yang XiaomeiHansen, C2011101
Remembering the cultural revolution: a study of Chinese cinema since 1978Pun, Man-chung.; 潘敏聰2003290
Remembrance and forgetting: aspects of art and public space in Hong Kong during the handover periodClarke, DJ201076
Remembrance and Forgetting: Aspects of art and public space in Hong Kong during the handover periodClarke, DJ199996
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