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Clarks Summit117
Regional Clusters: New Departure and Paradigms45
Tourism destination competitiveness: A quantitative approach483
Determinants of tourism destination competitiveness in Asia Pacific: Comprehensiveness and universality419
Subsidiary types, activities, and location: an empirical investigation80
China's Quiet Powerhouse82
China's Inward Investment: Approach and Impact39
China's Economy Into the Future54
Subsidiary types, activities, and location: an empirical investigation62
Change or Continuity: A Quantitative Approach to Assessing International Competitiveness51
Mapping the elephant: an organizing framework for subsidiary typologies57
Trends in Multinational Strategies and Organizations in the Asia-Pacific'64
An organizing framework for MNC subsidiary typologies179
Regional Management Centers in the Asia-Pacific115
To succeed in China, focus on interests rather than rules38
Asia's Rise60
China's Future Economic Roles in the Asian Region47
Sustainable Development: The Role of the Private Sector52
Studies on the Competitiveness of Chinese Industries54
Local Partnerships, Clusters and SME Globalization166
Tourism Destination Competitiveness: A Quantitative Approach95
Strategy and International Business55
The Roles of Regional Management Centers48
City-Regions and the Rise of the Yangtze River Delta41
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Competitiveness, Clusters, and Corridors76
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