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Social Economy in China and the World115
Challenging Digital Capitalism: SACOM’s Campaigns against Apple and Foxconn as Monopoly Capital84
公共空間與社會故事 - 引言66
In Search of Workers’ Power: Garment Workers in Global Production Networks52
Interns or Workers? China’s Student Labor Regime108
導言: 寫在書寫之前61
The Triple Absence of Labour Rights: Triangular Labour Relations and Informalisation in the Construction and Garment Sectors in Delhi and Shanghai25
Chinese labor protest and trade unions33
Neoliberalization and privatization in Hong Kong after the 1997 financial crisis21
Injury of Class: Compressed Modernity and the Struggle of Foxconn Workers25
Putting transnational labour process in its place: The dormitory labour regime in post-socialist China35
Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta in China: Cross-border integration and sustainability51
Dormitory labour regimes and the labour process in China: New workers in old factory forms41
Class and Precarity: An Unhappy Coupling in China’s Class Formation45
Apple, Foxconn, and Chinese workers’ struggles from a global labor perspective116
The politics of global production: Apple, Foxconn and China's new working class85
書寫城市: 香港的身份與文化466
性別與女性歷史 - 引言61
Migrant Labor in China: Post-Socialist Transformations 118
The dormitory labour regime in China as a site for control and resistance50
The new Chinese working class in struggle15
Series editors' preface26
China at the crossroads: Social economy as the new way of development35
Transgressing North–South Divide: Foxconn Production Regimes in China and the Czech Republic12
Shenzhen factory girls: family and work in the making of Chinese women's lives321
文化空間與身份建構 - 引言60
Gendering the new generation of youth workers at the vocational schools in China26
Zhoujiazhuang village: A study of the heritage of the people's commune40
Double contradiction of schooling: class reproduction and working-class agency at vocational schools in China17
The challenge for Mondragon: Searching for the cooperative values in times of internationalization38
The politics of space: Dormitory labor regime in China32
Legal activism or class action?: The political economy of the "no boss" and "no labour relationship" in China's construction industry27
Introduction: Remaking citizenship in Hong Kong33
The spatial politics of labor in China: Life, labor, and a new generation of migrant workers41
Remaking citizenship in Hong Kong: Community, nation and the global city61
Worker-intellectual Unity: Trans-border Sociological Intervention In Foxconn49
Having Less But Giving More: Work Experience and Prosocial Behavior of Chinese Working-Class Youth23
文化書寫與歷史流程 - 引言48
Disentangling the effects of empathy components on Internet gaming disorder: A study of vulnerable youth in China14
Lived citizenship and lower-class Chinese migrant women: A global city without its people82
Attempting to transgress neoliberal value: Constructing a micro-foundation of social values of working-class youth in vocational schools in China15
A 'world-class' (labor) Camp/us: Foxconn And China's New Generation Of Labour Migrants65