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Traditional and modern MCQ methods as in-class formative assessment143
Technical and Economical Values of TD-SCDMA – the China 3G Standard182
IClass assessment: a pen-based assessment and feedback platform63
The Enhancement of Management Education in Engineering Curricula101
Interactive class with Tablet PC and Smartphone39
Impact of Ruminbi Appreciation on the Global Supply Chain126
Reported by Ir Dr. Wilton Fok, Chairman, Session 2008-200959
Experimental analysis of an RFID security protocol283
Local weather effect on the Town Island PV system227
Mobile Technologies for in-class Interaction and Assessment for Learning61
獻專業, 連川港: 港大師生及香港同胞援建四川實錄70
Virtual Workshop for Modern Industrial Training117
Cloud-based interactive mobile e-learning platform for Flipped Classroom implementation in the University of Hong Kong63
A Study of Mathematics E-Textbook Usage in Hong Kong Primary School104
Computational Neural Network for Global Stock Indexes Prediction126
Application of Naive Bayesian Classifier for Teaching Reform Courses Examination Data Analysis in China Open University System94
Application of Dissection Peer-support System In Pre Preclinical Gross Anatomy Education52
Impact of RFID to the Technology and Economic Development in the Pearl River Delta99
Interactive large-class learning: there's an app for that!38
Evolution of Supply Chain Management process – From a case study on Tesco Store160
Enhancing educational data mining techniques on online educational resources with a semi-supervised learning approach82
Traditional and Modern MCQ Methods as In-class Formative Assessment120
Evaluating learning experiences in virtual laboratory training through student perceptions: a case study in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Hong Kong176
Utilising Tablet PC And Mobile Platform For Task Based Learning And Peer Assessment In Histology And Gross Anatomy Dissection Labs25
Vision development in engineering education during financial crisis and natural disasters105
Application Of Electronic And Mobile Platform For Task Based Learning In Histology And Gross Anatomy Lab30
Turning Mobile Devices into A Mobile Quiz Platform to Challenge Players’ Knowledge152
Application Of Electronic And Mobile Technology For Enhanced Active Learning Experience In Histology And Gross Anatomy Education20
Cloud-based educational big data application of Apriori algorithm and K-means clustering algorithm based on students' information96
Application of GPRS/3G for multimedia broadcast services46
Clean energy and environment: combating climate change by Hong Kong researchers and professionals215
Experiential learning for engineering education: a school reconstruction project in Sichuan after the 5.12 earthquake155
Data mining application of decision trees for student profiling at the Open University of China217
Asia-Pacific Financial Market Forecast by Computational Methodologies126
When Technology Meets the Environment – Using I-Class in Msc in Environmental Management86
Retro-fitting for a low-carbon society87
A mobile quiz platform to challenge players’ knowledge on mobile devices153
Impact of RFID on Business Performance- Based on Business Process Reengineering and SCOR217
Dpss System Application In Gross Anatomy Teaching29
Changing learning spaces in higher education389
The New Era of e-Learning Volume II - Interactive Learning and Assessment for Learning259
Turning mobile phones into a mobile quiz platform to challenge players' knowledge: An experience report161
The new era of e-learning: mobile learning & interactive class for the new curriculum87
Video-based Violence Detection by Human Action Analysis with Neural Network30
When technology meets the environment : the role of I-class in collective learning and consensus-based capacity-building200
Reconstruction after the 512 earthquake: knowledge exchange and experiential learning projects in Sichuan by Hong Kong professions96
電子學習新世代: 新學制中的移動學習與互動課堂121
Multidimensional Discussions on an Interactive Mobile Platform for Language Education: A case at The University of Hong Kong79
Engineering a better climate by using renewable energy94
Mobile technologies for in-class interaction and assessment for learning41
Outlook of the Global Electronics Industry after the Financial Tsunami150
Artificial Intelligence for Sport Actions and Performance Analysis using Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) with Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM)39
Renewable energy, smart grid, and sensor network125
Analysis of RFID Middleware Market in Supply Chain and Logistics Industry188
Engaging students with various in-class formative assessment204
Mobile business and services in Hong Kong: Its evolution, development and challenges153
Real-time interactive learning through smart mobile devices34
Interactive e-learning 34
Teaching stratagem making and education resource assignment based on K-Means Clustering Algorithm71
Quality Management using RFID and Third Generation Mobile Communications Systems214
The New Era of e-Learning volume 3112
Development of WiFi technologies and applications for Intelligent Transport System and Tourism in Hong Kong108
Examination data analysis for open education teaching reform using Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test88