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Ubiquity of sex differences in social and spatial development across socioeconomic strata: The role of sex-typed play experience41
Associations between Oral health literacy and oral health status79
Interactions between space-, surface-, and object-based attention156
The relationship between N1 and behavioural reading outcomes in Chinese (L1) and English (L2) among Hong Kong children46
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Poor sleep worsens pessimism but it takes an optimist to sleep well49
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Feeling entitled to more: ostracism increases dishonest behavior106
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Sleep dependent memory consolidation during a daytime nap in adolescents113
Positive changes after SARS146
The nature of self-eficacy effects on classroom management orientation161
Broad learning transfer in visual hierarchical processing69
Variation in the infant gut microbiome is associated with cognitive development and brain morphometry360
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Coping Strategies in Community Integration: The Case of Hong Kong Parents of Preschoolers with Autism153
Motivation for writing and Chinese writing performance among adolescents.64
Holistic processing and right hemisphere lateralization do not always go together - evidence from computational modeling111
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Think globally act locally or think locally act globally? Reexamining the parameters of community-clinical psychology in the 21st Century20
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Conceptual change119
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From Positive Psychology to Positive Intervention - Some Reflections136
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Does ocular origin of stimuli always help you find a target? It depends!37
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Why people report positive changes after a traumatic event? Cognitive style of resilient people after hereditary colorectal cancer genetic testing94
Collinearity distractor impairs local visual search77
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Sleep, aging and dementia32
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Pre-running reduces depression-like behavior and restores hippocampal neurogenesis in rats with severe stress58
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Visual perception of object motion during self-motion is not accurate154
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Suppression Of Head-referenced Image Motion During Head Movement74
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Effects of invisible flankers on invisible adaptor140
Development of word order and morphosyntactic skills in written composition in Chinese children.24
Meta-emotion beliefs and meta-parenting practices among Chinese parents, a Hong Kong sample144
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For Adult Survivors Of Childhood Sexual Abuse204
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The Left-digit Effect in Price and Date Perception48
Early language and phonological difficulties of Chinese preschool children at familial risk for dyslexia109
Preverbal infants use object features and motion cues in social learning118
Looking where you are going does not help path perception99
Effect of attentional load on visual control of steering toward a goal64
Individualizing moral foundations moderate the relationship between chronic ostracism and dishonesty61
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Multiple automation difficulties in Chinese development dyslexia103
Salvaging English literacy as L2 in native Chinese-speaking children with dyslexia52
Symmetry facilitates 3D shape discrimination across changes in viewpoint95
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