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The University of Hong Kong713
Chinese tradition and Western influences in Li Ang's fiction312
Indiscernable coloniality versus inarticulate decolonization : the dynamics of community building processes in Wanchai709
Memory as text and tactics: a hermeneutics ofHong Kong urban culture348
New Chinese cinemas and feminine writings287
Searching for a cultural identity: Hong Kong fiction from the fifties to the nineties319
Between history and fiction: making sense of Lao can you ji as a text in ruins374
The politics of nostalgia: explorations of home, homeland and identities in the context of an accented cinema247
Technologising the male body: British cinema 1957-1987257
Some aspects of Bohemianism and literature 1830-1975 with special reference to John Addington Symonds, Kenneth Grahame and KennethRexroth261
The Chinese nationalist imaginary and its relation to Hong Kong315
Imagined immunities and politics of incorporation : mutating borders and interiors in recent Hong Kong cinema84
Identities and bodies between life and death: an exploration of techno-presence264
The dialogics of representation: Shanghai in contemporary Hong Kong films314
Hong Sangsoo's cinema of dissonance784
The politics of popular culture: a study of aHong Kong comic strip, McMug374
The construction of an urban underclass : a cultural study of Chinese rural-urban migrant workers354
Raping mail/males: reading and writing in Clarissa: y Ho Poi-yan Ingrid.379
Shifting ground: modernist aesthetics in Taiwanese poetry since the 1950s243
A cultural critique of Turkish cinema in relation to "Arabesk"277
From China to nowhere: the writings of Gao Xingjian in the 1980s and early 90s295
The politics of memory: in search of imaginary homes in films by Clara Law and Ann Hui282
Ecology beyond shanshui : comparative ecocriticism in contemporary Chinese cinema and visual culture260
Community and literature in the work of Blanchot239
Becoming a friend: reading Thus spake Zarathustra248
Crossing boundaries: a study of modern Hong Kong fiction from the fifties to the eighties308
Modes of intertextuality in The waste land and Ulysses: two contrasted cases459
Shenzhen in the reform era : narratives of past, future, and present113
Besieged brotherhood and the transformation of triad traditions : the Hong Kong triad genre as an allegorical critique of plutocratic hypocrisy191
Tracing the novelistic in Roland Barthes284
In-visible palimpsest: memory, space and modernity in Berlin and Shanghai398
Chinese independent cinema and international film festival network at the age of global image consumption370
In search of identity: Hong Kong as seen through its cinema from the 1950s to the early 1980s287
Crisis and negotiation: a study of modern chinese fiction in the eighties268
Magic realism and `root-searching' in the works of Mo Yan, Zhaxi Dawa and Han Shaogong481
Foucault's esthetics of existence260
Political participation of working class Chinese marriage migrants in Hong Kong SAR138
Immigrant imaginaries in the filmic apartment ellipsis : a study of New York and Hong Kong379
Teaching film as a space of interpretative interaction253
To live and forget: the limits of comprehension and remembrance in the feature films of Hirokazu Kore-eda671
Thinking Proust allegorically254
Byron's literary fortunes in China277
An historical relation of the Island Ceylon: Knox and the 'writing that conquers'258
A spatial analysis of Zhang Yuan's films313
Cinematic architecture581
Gender as a choice : the agency of transgender subjectivities155
Virtuality and the city: Benjamin against Baudrillard262
Form, force, and sociality: a study of the literary fantastic with special reference to Angela Carter and MoYan270
Confessing the impossible: Bataille,Foucault, Rimbaud, and transgression326
Understanding Japanese animation: from Miyazaki and Takahata anime423
The cinema of development: class factors and global trends in Hong Kong cinema594
Traversing Hong Kong: strategies of representation and resistance in lens-based media405
Monde Flottant: médiation du Japon et thématique de la féminité dansl'oeuvre de Kikou Yamata (1897-1975)269
Beyond rivers and lakes: a cultural study of jianghu536
Filming gay representations: male homosexuality in Hong Kong and Taiwanese cinema2812
Gender discourses and female subjectivities in 1949-1966 Chinesewomen's writings388
Fashioning bodies, transforming identities: Kafka and Cronenberg253
Beyond hybridization: the spatial histories of Mong Kok, Hong Kong445
Gendered visions postcolonial Indian art290
Frames, flows, feminist aesthetics: paintingsby Judy Watson, Cai Jin and Marlene Dumas304
The wordgame of John Fowles277
The poetics of absence: a study of Antonioni and Wenders278
In Cervantes' shadow: raiders and writers of the lost archive276
Modern orientalism : the image of China through John Thomson's photography375
Between penumbrae and shadow: contextualizingtransnational queer Chinese cinemas384
Literature, revolution, freedom : studies of literary practices and social transformation in Edmond Jabès, Marguerite Duras and Wong Bik-wan467
From conventional to experimental: the makingof Chinese metaphysical detective fiction275
From Mrs. Dalloway to The Hours: bisexuality/bitextuality and écriture féminine278
A study of translation as critique347
The birth of nostophobia and the death of nostalgia : cinematic reconstructions of Hong Kong identity277
The contemporary cinema of the BRIC countries and the politics of change230
Speed and immobility in urban space and cinema387
Reconfigurations of gender: contemporary Chinese drama 1979-1989 : the politics of re-inscribing sexualdifferences247
Writing blocks and bridging gaps: Dickens andLittle Dorrit268
On being moved : affect and politics in women's narratives of Southeast Asian migration434
A critique of the postmodern neglect of authentic selfhood435
Alternative modernity discourse and intellectual politics in modern and contemporary China: a case study ofXueheng school433
Postmodernity and recent Hong Kong cinema312
Two versions of the cliché234
Film censorship in Hong Kong726
The cultural politics of the Hong Kong diaspora (in Canada)331
Journalism as part of the neoliberal urban redevelopment regime : the case of Hong Kong65
Chinese martial arts stardom in participatory cyberculture79
Politicizing female subjectivity: performativity and sublimation in leftist writers Yang Mo, Xiao Hong567
Gender and sexuality in modern Shanghai: Chinese fiction of the early twentieth century294
A genealogy of skyrim modding94
Reading male and nation trouble in Yu Dafu (郁達夫) and Guo Moruo (郭沫若)408
BI AII means: the trouble with Tong Zhi discourse : beyond queer looks in the East is red and Swordsman II259
Embedded coloniality in Hong Kong: from flower cultivation to culture-led urban renewal in Mong Kok FlowerMarket623
Hong Kong martial art novels: the case of Louis Cha359
Imaginary spaces in children's fantasy fiction: a psychoanalytic reading of Lewis Carroll's Alice Booksand Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials Trilogy458
The concept of the body in Marcel Proust's Remembrance of things past317
Toward freedom: a critique of the ideologies of late capitalism259
Rewriting of the feminine: Angela Carter and l'Écriture féminie260
Creolised and colonised: the history and future of the Macanese and Mozambican Chinese330
The thought without image of Deleuze and Guattari297
An evaluation of the new wave cinema in Hong Kong through the study offour directors: Patrick Tam, Allen Fong, AnnHui and Tsui Hark523
Elizabeth Bishop: her Nova Scotian origins and the portable culture of home276
Brushing history against the grain: constructing the Chinese new historical fiction as an oppositionaldiscourse295
Ghostwriting Hong Kong: post-colonial documentary and the western tradition304
Industrialisation and its discontents : on and on theatre workshop in Hong Kong292
Traumatic cyberspace: witnessing cyberspace as a site of Trauma273
Reflected selves: representations of male homosexuality in Wilde, Gide, Genet and White297
Non-"Cures of jealousy": Cervantes and Shakespeare to Proust and beyond280
Lou Ye: the birth of a personal eye (I)560
Gender representation in the tales of Jin Deshun263
Imagining independence: the circulation and thematic concerns of independent film from Hong Kong and China257
Madness and literature: the desire for freedom and redemptive order317
Reinterpreting a queer experience: a study ofStanley Kwan's films and their reception795
Deconstructing the auteur : a study of the process of value-formation in the cinema of Wong Kar-wai392
A comparative study of Wim Wenders and Krzysztof Kieslowski: the theme of alienation355
Engendering children: from folk tales to fairy tales312
Overcoming conscience: a study of Wagner, Ibsen, and Wilde319
Re-examining Asian discourses on sustainability in a network society232
Memories of becoming modern : Sinophone American cinemas of passing174
Liu Na'ou and the 1930s Chinese soft film : modernism, film art and politics in Republican era Shanghai93
Reinventing the real: transfigurations of cinematic kung fu in the 21st century388
The queer female stardom emerging from transnational Chinese singing contests356
Macau: a cultural janus in colonial vicissitudes352
The poetry of Han-shan in English: a culturalapproach300
Writing Hong Kong identity in transitional period romance short stories103
Towards a cinema of contemplation: Roy Andersson's aesthetics and ethics767
Works of laziness: writing sloth344
Gendered subaltern as perspective in reading Mo Yan, Wang Shuo and Zhang Jie302
Post-1997 Hong Kong cinema, masculinity crisis, and generational hegemony : the baby-boomers, post-70s generation and beyond694
The impact of translated Japanese comics on Hong Kong cinematic production: cultural imperialism or localredeployment?321
Representing crises in German culture in Doctor Faustus249
Reading 'Third World' women's autobiography293
Decoding China's new left phenomenon277
Cyborgs, capitalism, hope: a study of Hong Kong and Hollywood science fiction films453
The fragile scholar: the construction of masculinity in traditional Chinese romances and its culturalconstituents349
Translocal readings: Hong Kong television serials in US Chinatowns286
The reinvention of Taiwanese identity in Tsai Ming-liang's films391
The absurd as critical realism in postsocialist Chinese cinema121
From metro to metropolis: production and reproduction of urban spaces in Hong Kong by the MTR322
Remembering the cultural revolution: a study of Chinese cinema since 1978379
Reading beyond "Happily Ever After": refiguring the Disney narrative of femininity571
Remapping Taipei: globalization and Edward Yang's films559
An analysis of the filmic: a philosophical grounding for film aesthetics628