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    HKU ResearcherPage: Zhou, C
    Dr Zhou, Congying
    • Research Assistant Professor
    Publication list (Articles)
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    [RuIV(F20-TPP)Cl2] efficiently catalysed inter- and intra-molecular nitrene insertion into sp3 C–H bonds of hydrocarbons using phosphoryl azides as nitrene sourcesXiao, W.; Wei, J; Zhou, C; Che, CM201358
    Highly enantioselective intermolecular carbene insertion to C-H and Si-H bonds catalyzed by a chiral iridium(iii) complex of a D 4-symmetric Halterman porphyrin ligandWang, JC; Xu, ZJ; Guo, Z; Deng, QH; Zhou, CY; Wan, XL; Che, CM2012102
    Ruthenium(IV) porphyrin catalyzed phosphoramidation of aldehydes with phosphoryl azide as nitrene sourceXiao, W; Zhou, CY; Che, CM201297
    Diastereoselective ruthenium porphyrin-catalyzed tandem nitrone formation/1,3-dipolar cycloaddition for isoxazolidines. Synthesis, in silico docking study and in vitro biological activitiesReddy, A.R.; Guo, Z; Siu, AFM; Lok, CN; Liu, F; Yeung, K.C.; Zhou, CY; Che, CM201246
    Dirhodium Carboxylates Catalyzed Enantioselective Coupling Reactions of α-Diazophosphonates, Anilines, and Electron-Deficient AldehydesZhou, C; Wang, JC; Wei, J; Xu, ZJ; Guo, Z; Low, KH; Che, CM201233
    Practical iron-catalyzed atom/group transfer and insertion reactionsChow, TWS; Chen, GQ; Liu, Y; Zhou, CY; Che, CM2012235
    Metal-free intramolecular aziridination of allylic carbamates mediated by hypervalent iodine compoundsDeng, QH; Wang, JC; Xu, ZJ; Zhou, CY; Che, CM2011104
    A silver-promoted auto-tandem catalysis for the synthesis of multiply substituted tetrahydrocarbazolesWang, MZ; Zhou, CY; Che, CM2011452
    Gold(I)-catalyzed enantioselective intermolecular hydroarylation of allenes with indoles and reaction mechanism by density functional theory calculationsWang, MZ; Zhou, CY; Guo, Z; Wong, ELM; Wong, MK; Che, CM2011850
    Selective oxidation of terminal aryl and aliphatic alkenes to aldehydes catalyzed by iron(III) porphyrins with triflate as a counter anionChen, GQ; Xu, ZJ; Zhou, CY; Che, CM201193
    Homogeneous silver(I) salts and heterogeneous Ag3PW12O40-catalyzed intermolecular allylation of arenes with allylic alcoholsChen, GQ; Xu, ZJ; Chan, SLF; Zhou, CY; Che, CM2011144
    Iron-Catalyzed Nitrene Insertion Reaction for Facile Construction of Amide CompoundsChen, GQ; Xu, ZJ; Liu, Y; Zhou, CY; Che, CM20111,113
    Selective functionalisation of saturated C-H bonds with metalloporphyrin catalystsChe, CM; Lo, VKY; Zhou, CY; Huang, JS2011469
    A water-soluble ruthenium glycosylated porphyrin catalyst for carbenoid transfer reactions in aqueous media with applications in bioconjugation reactionsHo, CM; Zhang, JL; Zhou, CY; Chan, OY; Yan, JJ; Zhang, FY; Huang, JS; Che, CM2010590
    Mild arming and derivatization of natural products via an In(OTf) 3-catalyzed arene iodinationZhou, CY; Li, J; Peddibhotla, S; Romo, D201041
    Highly efficient oxidative carbon-carbon coupling with SBA-15-support iron terpyridine catalystLiu, P; Zhou, CY; Xiang, S; Che, CM201077
    Ruthenium-catalyzed alkylation of indoles with tertiary amines by oxidation of a sp3 CH bond and lewis acid catalysisWang, MZ; Zhou, CY; Wong, MK; Che, CM2010164
    Silver(i)-mediated highly enantioselective synthesis of axially chiral allenes under thermal and microwave-assisted conditionsLo, VKY; Zhou, CY; Wong, MK; Che, CM201092
    Ruthenium-porphyrin-catalyzed carbenoid transfer reactionsZhou, CY; Huang, JS; Che, CM2010345
    A non-cross-linked soluble polystyrene-supported ruthenium catalyst for carbenoid transfer reactionsChoi, MKW; Yu, WY; So, MH; Zhou, CY; Deng, QH; Che, CM200869
    Result pages: 1



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