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    HKU ResearcherPage: Saunders, RMK
    rp00774.jpg picture
    Professor Saunders, Richard Mark Kingsley
    • Professor
    Publication list (Articles)
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    Result pages: 1
    Functional monoecy due to delayed anther dehiscence: a novel mechanism in Pseuduvaria mulgraveana (Annonaceae)Pang, CC; Scharaschkin, T; Su, YCF; Saunders, RMK201328
    A plastid DNA phylogeny of Dasymaschalon (Annonaceae) and allied genera: Evidence for generic non-monophyly and the parallel evolutionary loss of inner petalsWang, J; Thomas, DC; Su, YCF; Meinke, S; Chatrou, LW; Saunders, RMK2012124
    'Out-of-Africa' dispersal of tropical floras during the Miocene climatic optimum: Evidence from Uvaria (Annonaceae)Zhou, L; Su, YCF; Thomas, DC; Saunders, RMK2012171
    Pruning the polyphyletic genus Polyalthia (Annonaceae) and resurrecting the genus MonoonXue, B; Su, YCF; Thomas, DC; Saunders, RMK201276
    Floral ontogeny of Schisandra chinensis (Schisandraceae): Implications for androecial evolution within Schisandra and KadsuraDong, XY; Liu, Z; Saunders, RMK; Chen, ZD201298
    Molecular phylogenetics and historical biogeography of the Meiogyne-Fitzalania clade (Annonaceae): Generic paraphyly and late Miocene-Pliocene diversification in Australasia and the PacificThomas, DC; Surveswaran, S; Xue, B; Sankowsky, G; Mols, JB; Paul, JAKeßler; Saunders, RMK2012102
    The diversity and evolution of pollination systems in AnnonaceaeSaunders, RMK201265
    The natural history of AnnonaceaeChatrou, LW; Erkens, RHJ; Richardson, JE; Saunders, RMK; Fay, MF201241
    A new subfamilial and tribal classification of the pantropical flowering plant family Annonaceae informed by molecular phylogeneticsChatrou, LW; Pirie, MD; Erkens, RHJ; Couvreur, TLP; Neubig, KM; Abbott, JR; Mols, JB; Maas, JW; Saunders, RMK; Chase, MW2012104
    Proposal to conserve the name Enicosanthum against Monoon (Annonaceae)Saunders, RMK; Xue, B201186
    Two new species of uvaria (Annonaceae) from Borneo, with a New Nomenclatural CombinationAttanayake, AMAS; Turner, IM; Saunders, RMK2011115
    Further fragmentation of the polyphyletic genus Polyalthia (Annonaceae): Molecular phylogenetic support for a broader delimitation of MarsypopetalumXue, B; Su, YCF; Mols, JB; KeßLer, PJA; Saunders, RMK2011183
    Early evolutionary history of the flowering plant family Annonaceae: Steady diversification and boreotropical geodispersalCouvreur, TLP; Pirie, MD; Chatrou, LW; Saunders, RMK; Su, YCF; Richardson, JE; Erkens, RHJ2011114
    The rice acyl-CoA-binding protein gene family: Phylogeny, expression and functional analysisMeng, W; Su, YCF; Saunders, RMK; Chye, ML2011184
    Phylogenetic affinities of polyalthia species (Annonaceae) with columellar-sulcate pollen: Enlarging the madagascan endemic genus feneriviaSaunders, RMK; Su, YCF; Xue, B2011105
    Five new nomenclatural combinations in Dasymaschalon and Goniothalamus (Annonaceae)Saunders, RMK; Wang, J2011118
    Floral evolution in the Annonaceae: Hypotheses of homeotic mutations and functional convergenceSaunders, RMK2010246
    Molecular phylogenetics of Uvaria (Annonaceae): Relationships with Balonga, Dasoclema and Australian species of MelodorumZhou, L; Su, YCF; Chalermglin, P; Saunders, RMK2010143
    Generic delimitation and historical biogeography in the early-divergent 'ambavioid' lineage of Annonaceae: Cananga, Cyathocalyx and DrepananthusSurveswaran, S; Wang, RJ; Su, YCF; Saunders, RMK2010161
    Goniothalamus tripetalus (Lam.) Veldk. & R.M.K. Saunders (Annonaceae), comb. nov.Veldkamp, JF; Saunders, RMK201098
    Result pages: 1



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