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HKU ResearcherPage: Saunders, RMK
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Professor Saunders, Richard Mark Kingsley
  • Professor
Project Code Amount Title Funding Year
1 0 Breeding systems of Hong Kong Bauhinias 1998/1999
Principal Investigator
Project Code Amount Title Funding Year
1 17118014 523659 Perianth evolution in the Annonaceae, an early-divergent family of flowering plants: integrating floral development, comparative transcriptomics and pollination ecology 2014/2015
2 HKU 776713M 952636 Rapid, recent evolutionary radiation in the flowering plant genus Goniothalamus (Annonaceae): using phylogenetics, diversification analyses and empirical ecology to assess the impact of morphological adaptations and biogeography 2013/2014
3 HKU 777211M 988007 Evolution of morphology, pollination systems and geographical distributions in the annonoid' clade of the early-divergent angiosperm family Annonaceae: a holistic approach to hypothesis testing' 2011/2012
4 HKU 777210M 1100000 Out of Africa: using relaxed molecular clocks and phyloclimatic models to test alternative hypotheses for the migration of basal angiosperms into Asia during the Tertiary 2010/2011
5 HKU 775009M 1100000 Molecular phylogenetics of Polyathia (Annonaceae): identifying clades and morphological synapomorphies in a large polyphyletic genus 2009/2010
6 HKU 774407M 689996 Molecular phylogenetics of Cananga, Cyathocalyx and Drepananthus (Annonaceae): implications for generic delimitation, morphological evolution, and historical biogeography 2007/2008
7 HKU 7531/06M 752500 Systematics and phylogenetics of Uvaria (Annonaceae) and related genera: an integrated morphological, molecular and ecological approach 2006/2007
8 HKU 7578/05M 978040 Phylogenetics as a unifying concept for the study of the comparative anatomy, systematics, historical biogeography and reproductive biology of the flowering plant genera Desmos and Dasymaschalon (Annonaceae) 2005/2006
9 HKU 7358/03M 972150 Taxonomic monographs of the angiosperm genera Mitrephora and Pseuduvaria (Annonaceae) 2003/2004
10 HKU 7247/97M 686880 Taxonomic monographs of the angiosperm genera Schisandra and Kadsura (Schisandraceae) 1997/1998
11 HKU 202/95M 391000 Systematics and evolution of the angiosperm family Myrsinaceae, with particular reference to Hong Kong and the Philippines 1995/1996



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