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    HKU ResearcherPage: Leung, KMY
    rp00733.png picture
    Professor Leung, Kenneth Mei Yee
    • Associate Dean, Faculty of Science
    • Professor
    Publication list (Articles)
    Results 1-20 of 96
    Result pages: 1
    Tissue-based environmental quality benchmarks and standardsMeador, JP; Warne, MSJ; Chapman, PM; Chan, KM; Yu, S; Leung, KMY201327
    Is an assessment factor of 10 appropriate to account for the variation in chemical toxicity to freshwater ectotherms under different thermal conditions?LAU, TCE; YUNG, MNM; Karraker, NE; Leung, KMY201321
    Evaluation of biomarker potential of cytochrome P450 1A (CYP1A) gene in the marine medaka, Oryzias melastigma exposed to water-accommodated fractions (WAFs) of Iranian crude oilKim, RO; Kim, BM; Hwang, DS; Au, DWT; Jung, JH; Shim, WJ; Leung, KMY; Wu, SS; Rhee, JS; Lee, JS201331
    Water quality guidelines for chemicals: learning lessons to deliver meaningful environmental metricsMerrington, G; An, YJ; Grist, EPM; Jeong, SW; Rattikansukha, C; Roe, S; Schneider, U; Sthiannopkao, S; Suter, GW II; Van Dam, R; Van Sprang, P; Wang, JY; Warne, MSJ; Yillia, PT; Zhang XW,; Leung, KMY201330
    Acute and chronic toxicities of Irgarol alone and in combination with copper to the marine copepod Tigriopus japonicusBao, VWW; Leung, KMY; Lui, GCS; Lam, MHW201373
    Scientific derivation of environmental quality benchmarks for the protection of aquatic ecosystems: challenges and opportunitiesLeung, KMY; Merrington, G; Warne, MSJ; Wenning, RJ201325
    Effects of animal size and nutritional status on the RNA/DNA ratio in different tissues of the green-lipped mussel Perna viridisYEUNG, WY; Leung, KMY201323
    A Comprehensive Review on the Aquatic Toxicity of Engineered NanomaterialsWong, SWY; Leung, KMY; Djurisic, AB201357
    Seemingly unrelated intervention time series models for effectiveness evaluation of large scale environmental remediationIP, HL; Li, WK; Leung, KMY201339
    Deriving field-based sediment quality guidelines from the relationship between species density and contaminant level using a novel nonparametric empirical Bayesian approachLui, GCS; Li, WK; Bjørgesæter, A; Leung, KMY201336
    Acute and sub-lethal toxicities of two common pyrithione antifouling biocides to the marine amphipod Elasmopus rapaxBao, W; YEUNG, WY; Leung, KMY201224
    Development of theca specific antisera for the profiling of cell surface proteins in the marine toxic dinoflagellate genus Alexandrium HalimChan, LL; Li, X; Sit, WH; Lam, PKS; Leung, KMY201259
    Preservation effects on C/N ratios and stable isotope signatures: Of freshwater fishes and benthic macroinvertebratesLau, DCP; Leung, KMY; Dudgeon, D2012162
    Review of measured concentrations of triphenyltin compounds in marine ecosystems and meta-analysis of their risks to humans and the environmentYi, AX; Leung, KMY; Lam, MHW; Lee, JS; Giesy, JP201271
    Monsoons and habitat influence trophic pathways and the importance of terrestrial-marine linkages for estuary sharksWai, TC; Yeung, JWY; Lam, VYY; Leung, KMY; Dudgeon, D; Williams, GA2012121
    The challenges posed by radiation and radionuclide releases to the environmentWenning, RJ; Apitz, SE; Backhaus, T; Barnthouse, L; Batley, G; Brooks, B; Chapman, PM; Griffin, M; Kapustka, L; Landis, W; Leung, KMY; Linkov, I; Seager, TP; Suter, G; Tannenbaum, L2011112
    Differential proteomic responses in hepatopancreas and adductor muscles of the green-lipped mussel Perna viridis to stresses induced by cadmium and hydrogen peroxideLeung, PTY; Wang, Y; Mak, SST; Ng, WC; Leung, KMY2011379
    Biodegradation of naphthalene by enriched marine denitrifying bacteriaLu, X; Zhang, T; HanPing Fang, H; Leung, KMY; Zhang, G2011453
    Stable isotopes as a useful tool for revealing the environmental fate and trophic effect of open-sea-cage fish farm wastes on marine benthic organisms with different feeding guildsWai, TC; Leung, KMY; Wu, RSS; Shin, PKS; Cheung, SG; Li, XY; Lee, JHW2011450
    Spatial, seasonal, and ontogenetic variations in the significance of detrital pathways and terrestrial carbon for a benthic shark, Chiloscyllium plagiosum (Hemiscylliidae), in a tropical estuaryWai, TC; Leung, KMY; Sin, SYT; Cornish, A; Dudgeon, D; Williams, GA2011590
    Result pages: 1



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