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    HKU ResearcherPage: Cheng, KS
    rp00675.gif picture
    Professor Cheng, Kwong Sang
    • Professor: Chair of Physics
    • Professor (Non-Clinical)
    • Head, Department of Physics
    Publication list (Articles)
    Results 1-20 of 255
    Result pages: 1
    Exploring the X-ray and γ-ray properties of the redback millisecond pulsar PSR J1723-2837Hui, CY; Tam, PH; Takata, J; Kong, AKH; Cheng, KS; Wu, JHK; Lin, LCC; Wu, MH201428
    On the origin of the 6.4 keV line in the Galactic Center regionDogiel, VA; Chernyshov, DO; Kiselev, AM; Cheng, KS201414
    Mechanism of the x-ray and soft gamma-ray emissions from high magnetic field pulsar: PSR B1509−58Wang, Y; Takata, J; Cheng, KS201359
    The Origin of the 6.4 keV Line Emission and H2 Ionization in the Diffuse Molecular Gas of the Galactic Center RegionDogiel, VA; Chernyshov, DO; Tatischeff, V; Cheng, KS; Terrier, R201334
    Discovery of X-ray Pulsation from the Geminga-like Pulsar PSR J 2021+4026Lin, LCC; Hui, CY; Hu, CP; Wu, JHK; Huang, RHH; Trepl, L; Takata, J; Seo, KA; Wang, Y; Chou, Y; Cheng, KS201333
    Search for pulsed γ-ray emission from globular cluster M28Wu, JHK; Hui, CY; Wu, MH; Kong, AKH; Huang, RHH; Tam, PHT; Takata, J; Cheng, KS201377
    Model on pulsed GeV radiation from magnetarsTakata, J; Wang, Y; Cheng, KS201330
    Pulsed γ-ray emission from magnetar 1E 2259+586Wu, JHK; Hui, CY; Huang, RHH; Kong, AKH; Cheng, KS; Takata, J; Tam, PH; Wu, MH; Liu, J201317
    Mechanism of the X-ray and Soft Gamma-ray Emissions from the High Magnetic Field Pulsar: PSR B1509-58Wang, Y; Takata, J; Cheng, KS20138
    Long-term X-ray emission from Swift J1644+57Zou, Y; Wang, F; Cheng, KS201319
    Gamma-ray emission from millisecond pulsars - An Outergap perspectiveCheng, KS201310
    X-ray and gamma-ray emissions from rotation powered millisecond pulsarsTakata, J; Cheng, KS; Taam, RE2012203
    Cosmic histories of star formation and reionization: an analysis with a power-law approximationYu, YW; Cheng, KS; Chu, MC; Yeung, S20127
    Gravitational effects of condensate dark matter on compact stellar objectsLi, X; Wang, F; Cheng, KS201245
    Discovery of an unidentified Fermi object as a black widow-like millisecond pulsarKong, AKH; Huang, RHH; Cheng, KS; Takata, J; Yatsu, Y; Cheung, CC; Donato, D; Lin, LCC; Kataoka, J; Takahashi, Y; Maeda, K; Hui, CY; Tam, PHT2012171
    Weyl fluid dark matter model tested on the galactic scale by weak gravitational lensingWong, KC; Harko, T; Cheng, KS; Gergely, LA201271
    Probing pre-galactic metal enrichment with high-redshift gamma-ray burstsWang, F; Bromm, V; Greif, TH; Stacy, A; Dai, ZG; Loeb, A; Cheng, KS201253
    XMM-Newton observation of PSRB2224+65 and its jetHui, CY; Huang, RHH; Trepl, L; Tetzlaff, N; Takata, J; Wu, EMH; Cheng, KS2012160
    X-ray Studies of the Black Widow Pulsar PSR B1957+20Huang, RHH; Kong, AKH; Takata, J; Hui, CY; Lin, LCC; Cheng, KS201271
    Orbital-phase-dependent γ-ray Emissions from the Black Widow PulsarWu, MH; Takata, J; Cheng, KS; Huang, RHH; Hui, CY; Kong, AKH; Tam, PHT; Wu, JHK201244
    Result pages: 1



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