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HKU ResearcherPage: Cheng, KS
rp00675.gif picture
Professor Cheng, Kwong Sang
  • Professor: Chair of Physics
  • Head, Department of Physics
  • Professor (Non-Clinical)
Principal Investigator
Project Code Amount Title Funding Year
1 17300814 614810 High Energy Emission from Pulsars 2014/2015
2 HKUST4/CRF/13G 250000 Research in Fundamental physics: from the LHC to the Universe 2013/2014
3 HKU 701013P 592987 Steady and transient emissions resulting from stellar captured by the galactic supermassive black holes 2013/2014
4 HKU 700911P 650000 Gamma-ray Pulsars 2011/2012
5 HKU 701110P 655700 Consequences of tidally captured stars by supermassive black holes 2010/2011
6 HKU 701109P 590000 Probing the central engine of gamma-ray bursts 2009/2010
7 HKU 700908P 783200 Radiation emission from pulsars 2008/2009
8 HKU 701407P 445000 High Energy Emission from the Galactic Black Hole 2007/2008
9 HKU 7013/06P 388460 Relativistic collapse of neutron stars: gravitational radiation and gamma-ray emission 2006/2007
10 HKU 7015/05P 463600 High Energy Radiation from Pulsar and Pulsar Wind Nebula 2005/2006
11 HKU 7014/04P 318000 Transient Gamma-ray Sources: Gamma-ray Bursts and Other Related Astrophysical Phenomena 2004/2005
12 HKU 7011/03P 411000 Properties of strange stars and their observational appearance 2003/2004
13 20000 Funding support for Professor Maurice Rice's visit 2003/2004
14 HKU 7100/02P 350000 Consequences of spinning down neutron stars: cooling and change of internal properties 2002/2003
15 HKU 7079/01P 327401 High-energy radiation from pulsars - a three dimensional theoretical model and its applications 2001/2002
16 631360 Physics of compact objects: pulsar radiation, properties of neutron stars and strange stars 2000/2001
17 HKU 7101/00P 287817 Cosmological [gamma]-ray bursts 2000/2001
18 HKU 7141/99P 573000 Properties of strange stars and related astrophysical phenomena 1999/2000
19 HKU 7107/98P 415000 [gamma]-ray pulsars and related topics: diffuse [gamma] rays and unidentified [gamma]-ray point sources 1998/1999
20 HKU 7099/97P 421000 Some consequences of accreting neutron stars: change of stellar structure, gravitational radiation, [gamma]-ray emission and magnetic field decay 1997/1998
21 HKU 502/96P 451000 High energy phenomena around active galactic nuclei 1996/1997
22 HKU 252/95P 220600 Theoretical astrophysics: X-ray and [gamma] ray emission form pulsars, neutron stars structure, [gamma]-ray burst and X-ray burst 1995/1996
23 HKU 298/93E 336000 Theoretical astrophysics - period jumps (glitches) and [gamma]-ray emission of pulsars and dark matter of galaxies 1993/1994
24 HKU 26/91 320000 Pulsars: superfluid, [gamma] ray emission and related topics 1991/1992



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