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Name Card
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Professor Cheng, Kwong Sang 鄭廣生

Professor (Non-Clinical)
Professor: Chair of Physics


Principal Investigator
StatusProject CodeProject TitleAmountFunding Year
HKU 7014/04PTransient Gamma-ray Sources: Gamma-ray Bursts and Other Related Astrophysical Phenomena3180002004/2005
HKU 701407PHigh Energy Emission from the Galactic Black Hole4450002007/2008
-Funding support for Professor Maurice Rice's visit200002003/2004
HKU 7013/06PRelativistic collapse of neutron stars: gravitational radiation and gamma-ray emission3884602006/2007
HKU 7100/02PConsequences of spinning down neutron stars: cooling and change of internal properties3500002002/2003
HKU 7101/00PCosmological [gamma]-ray bursts2878172000/2001
HKU 701110PConsequences of tidally captured stars by supermassive black holes6557002010/2011
HKU 700908PRadiation emission from pulsars7832002008/2009
HKU 7079/01PHigh-energy radiation from pulsars - a three dimensional theoretical model and its applications3274012001/2002
HKU 252/95PTheoretical astrophysics: X-ray and [gamma] ray emission form pulsars, neutron stars structure, [gamma]-ray burst and X-ray burst2206001995/1996
HKU 7015/05PHigh Energy Radiation from Pulsar and Pulsar Wind Nebula4636002005/2006
HKU 7107/98P[gamma]-ray pulsars and related topics: diffuse [gamma] rays and unidentified [gamma]-ray point sources4150001998/1999
HKU 7141/99PProperties of strange stars and related astrophysical phenomena5730001999/2000
-Physics of compact objects: pulsar radiation, properties of neutron stars and strange stars6313602000/2001
HKU 26/91Pulsars: superfluid, [gamma] ray emission and related topics3200001991/1992
HKU 298/93ETheoretical astrophysics - period jumps (glitches) and [gamma]-ray emission of pulsars and dark matter of galaxies3360001993/1994
HKU 7099/97PSome consequences of accreting neutron stars: change of stellar structure, gravitational radiation, [gamma]-ray emission and magnetic field decay4210001997/1998
HKU 502/96PHigh energy phenomena around active galactic nuclei4510001996/1997
HKU 7011/03PProperties of strange stars and their observational appearance4110002003/2004
HKU 701109PProbing the central engine of gamma-ray bursts5900002009/2010
HKU 700911PGamma-ray Pulsars6500002011/2012
HKU 701013PSteady and transient emissions resulting from stellar captured by the galactic supermassive black holes5929872013/2014
HKUST4/CRF/13GResearch in Fundamental physics: from the LHC to the Universe5000002013/2014
17300814High Energy Emission from Pulsars6148102014/2015
17302315Gamma-ray Binaries6319722015/2016
17310916Active Processes in Central Regions of Galaxies3268112016/2017
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