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    HKU ResearcherPage: Chan, LS
    rp00665.jpg picture
    Professor Chan, Lung Sang
    • Professor
    Publication list (Articles)
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    Quartz nanocrystals in the 2.48 Ga Dales Gorge banded iron formation of Hamersley, Western Australia: Evidence for a change from submarine to subaerial volcanism at the end of the ArcheanLi, YL; Cole, DR; Konhauser, K; Chan, LS201347
    Phosphogenesis in the 2460 and 2728 million-year-old banded iron formations as evidence for biological cycling of phosphate in the early biosphereLi, Y; Sun, S; Chan, LS201388
    Utility of infrared thermography for screening febrile subjectsChan, LS; Lo, JLF; Kumana, CR; Cheung, BMY201336
    Effects of particle shape on shear strength of clay-gravel mixtureLi, Y; Huang, R; Chan, LS; Chen, J2012134
    Earth sciences as a vehicle for gifted education: the Hong Kong experienceMurphy, P; Chan, LS; Murphy, E2012174
    Constraints on Cenozoic regional drainage evolution of SW China from the provenance of the Jianchuan BasinYan, Y; Carter, A; Huang, CY; Chan, LS; Hu, XQ; Lan, Q2012153
    Relationship between magnetic properties and heavy metals of urban soils with different soil types and environmental settings: Implications for magnetic mappingYang, T; Liu, Q; Zeng, Q; Chan, L2012142
    Structural pattern of the Wutai Complex and its constraints on the tectonic framework of the Trans-North China OrogenZhang, J; Zhao, G; Li, S; Sun, M; Chan, LS; Shen, W; Liu, S2012317
    Effects of test conditions on shear behaviour of composite soilLi, Y; Chan, LS; Yeung, AT; Xiang, X2012254
    Detection of body temperature with infrared thermography: accuracy in detection of feverCheung, BMY; Chan, LS; Lauder, IJ; Kumana, CR2012142
    U-Pb and Hf isotopic study of zircons from migmatised amphibolites in the Cathaysia Block: Implications for the early Paleozoic peak tectonothermal event in Southeastern ChinaLi, LM; Sun, M; Wang, Y; Xing, G; Zhao, G; Lin, S; Xia, X; Chan, L; Zhang, F; Wong, J2011699
    Sedimentary provenance of the Hengyang and Mayang basins, SE China, and implications for the Mesozoic topographic change in South China Craton: Evidence from detrital zircon geochronologyYan, Y; Hu, XQ; Lin, G; Santosh, M; Chan, LS2011149
    Polyphase rifting of greater Pearl River Delta region (South China): Evidence for possible rapid changes in regional stress configurationChan, LS; Shen, W; Pubellier, M2010131
    Anthropogenic magnetic particles and heavy metals in the road dust: Magnetic identification and its implicationsYang, T; Liu, Q; Li, H; Zeng, Q; Chan, L2010184
    Crustal structures in the area of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake from seismologic and gravimetric dataRobert, A; Zhu, J; Vergne, J; Cattin, R; Chan, LS; Wittlinger, G; Herquel, G; de Sigoyer, J; Pubellier, M; Zhu, LD2010223
    Magnetic properties of street dust from Chibi City, Hubei Province, China: Its implications for urban environmentLiu, Q; Zeng, Q; Yang, T; Qiu, N; Chan, L2009156
    Environmental magnetic responses of urbanization processes: Evidence from lake sediments in East Lake, Wuhan, ChinaYang, T; Liu, Q; Zeng, Q; Chan, L2009162
    Dispersion splitting of Rayleigh waves in layered azimuthally anisotropic mediaZhang, SX; Wang, Y; Zhou, HW; Chan, LS2009104
    Sustainable urban development and geophysicsLiu, L; Chan, LS200790
    Historical tsunamis in South ChinaMak, S; Chan, LS2007146
    Result pages: 1



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