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    HKU ResearcherPage: Chan, LS
    rp00665.jpg picture
    Professor Chan, Lung Sang
    • Professor
    Publication list (Conference Papers)
    Results 1-20 of 80
    Result pages: 1
    Multufractal analysis of Guangdong Earthquake CatalogueZhou, Y; Leung, Y; Chan, LS201270
    Thirty Years of Hong Kong GeologyChan, LS201261
    Structural Pattern of the Wutai Complex and its Implications for the Tectonic Framework of the Trans-North China OrogenZhang, J; Zhao, G; Li, SZ; Sun, M; Chan, LS; Liu, SW2011128
    Finite element modelling of co-seismic deformation of the Longmenshan thrust belt associated with 2008 M=8 Sichuan earthquakeTung, S; Chan, L; Masterlark, T201195
    From orogenic collapse to rifting ; structures of the South China SeaPubellier, M; Chan, LS; Chamot Rooke, N; Shen, W; Ringenbach, JC2009146
    Lithospheric structures across the Longmen Shan mountain range from seismologic and gravimetric dataRoberts, A; Zhu, J; Vergne, J; Cattlin, R; Wittlinger, G; Chan, LS; De Sigoyer, J; Pubellier, M2008191
    Evolution of East Vietnam (or South China) Sea Margin in North Vietnam and South China within the framework of the SE Asian BasinsPubellier, M; Phung, VP; Chan, LS; Shen, W2008135
    Gravity anomaly and crustal structure of the ongmenshan Mountains, Abstract VolumeChan, MK; Shen, W; Chan, LS2007113
    Detection of human body temperature with infrared thermographic imaging: accuracy and feasibility in detection of fever in human subjectsChan, LS; Cheung, BMY; Kumana, CR2007163
    Structural, Geochronological and Aeromagnetic Studies of the Hengshan-Wutai-Fuping Mountain Belt: Implications for the Tectonic Evolution of the Trans-North China OrogenZhang, J; Zhao, G; Li, S; Sun, M; Shen, W; Chan, LS; Liu, S; Yin, C2007136
    Feasibility Study on Infrared Thermographic Measurement of Human Body TemperatureLo, LF; Cheung, BMY; Lauder, IJ; Lee, CF; Kumana, CR; Chan, LS2006143
    Post-orogenic extensions in the Pearl River Delta Region (South China): implications form morphotectonic structures, field geology and paleostress inversionShen, W; Tang, LKD; Chan, LS; Pubellier, M2006109
    Detachment faulting in Tsing Shan Area: structural geological model for Western New Territories of Hong KongChan, LS; Tang, LKD; Shen, W; Pubellier, M2006157
    Neotectonic map of South China-Northern Vietnam RegionChan, LS; Pubellier, MF2005107
    The situation of the South China Sea within the growth and denudation of the Asian continentPubellier, MF; Chan, LS; Phung, VP; Chamot-Rooke, N; Leung, KF; Rabaute, A; Shen, W2005114
    Preliminary ground-truthing of the Hong Kong-Macau-Zhuhai Bridge seismic surveys using the University of Hong Kong boreholesRidley, TWN; Yim, WWS; Chan, LS200592
    Magnetic properties of road dust around the Donghu Lake, Wuhan City and implications for urban environmentLiu, Q; Chan, LS; Li, H; Yang, T2005124
    Radiometric study and geochemical studies of weathering grade of granite in KowloonWong, PW; Chan, LS2005110
    Origin of a chain of clast-bearing cone-shaped rock within the Tuen Mun andesite in Tsing Shan, Tuen Mun, Hong KongChan, J; Lai, KW; Chan, LS2005101
    Geochemical features and evolution of the Pingchau Formation of the Ping Chau Island, Hong KongHu, WX; Chan, LS; Yao, SP; Zhu, DF2005161
    Result pages: 1



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