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    HKU ResearcherPage: Yu, ACH
    rp00657.jpg picture
    Dr Alfred C. H. Yu
    • Research Assistant Professor
    Publication list (Conference Papers)
    Results 1-20 of 44
    Result pages: 1
    High-frame-rate color-encoded speckle imaging for visually intuitive rendering of complex flow dynamicsYiu, YS; Yu, ACH201313
    Ultrasound as a repulsive cue for neuronal development: real-time morphological observations in-vitroHU, Y; ZHONG, W; Wan, JMF; Yu, ACH201322
    A fast parallelized eigen-based clutter filter framework for ultrasound color flow imagingCHEE, AJY; Yiu, YS; Yu, ACH201314
    Cellular and subcellular impact of low-intensity ultrasound: stimulus or stressYu, A; Hu, Y; Chen, X; Zhong, W; Leow, RS; Poon, L201337
    A study on the change in plasma membrane potential during sonoporationQin, P; Cai, P; Du, L; Jin, L; Yu, A201337
    Real-time imaging of plasma membrane dynamics in sonoporation: from perforation to recoveryHU, Y; Wan, JMF; Yu, ACH201318
    Anthropomorphic flow phantom design using stereolithography: a novel approach based on direct fabrication of thin-walled compliant vesselsLai, SM; Yiu, YS; Poon, KK; Yu, ACH201321
    Portable parallel kernels for high-speed beamforming in synthetic aperture ultrasound imagingAmaro, J; Falcao, G; Yiu, BYS; Yu, ACH201326
    How sonoporation disrupts cellular structural integrity: morphological and cytoskeletal observationsChen, X; Hu, Y; Leow, RS; Yu, ACH; Wan, JMF201328
    Sonoporation-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress: signaling pathway analysisZHONG, W; CHEN, X; Jiang, P; Wan, JMF; Qin, P; Yu, ACH201320
    Developmental delays and subcellular stress as downstream effects of sonoporationChen, X; Zhong, W; Yu, ACH; Wan, JMF201325
    Real-time imaging of cellular dynamics during low-intensity pulsed ultrasound exposureHu, Y; Yu, ACH; Wan, JMF201321
    Ultrasound as a regulator of neuronal morphologyt: impact on differentiated neuro-2a cellsHu, Y; Zhong, W; Sit, WH; Wan, JMF; Yu, ACH201253
    Ultrasound-induced neuronal membrane depolarization in-vitroHu, Y; Sit, WH; Wan, JMF; Yu, ACH201247
    Characteristics of sonoporated cells after resealing: reduced cell size and increased granularityChen, X; Sit, WH; Wan, JMF; Yu, ACH201252
    Design considerations of real-time adaptive beamformer for medical ultrasound research using FPGA and GPUChen, J; Yu, ACH; So, HKH201228
    High frame rate velocity-coded speckle imaging platform for coherent blood flow visualizationYu, ACH; Yiu, BYS201237
    Evaluation of cross-beam vector Doppler ultrasound systems for accurate 3-D velocity measurementsHussain, B; Wong, EY; Yiu, BYS; Yu, ACH; Poepping, TL201221
    Computer fluid dynamics study of intracerebral aneurysms after flow-diverter treatmentTsang, ACO; Chow, KW; Yu, ACH201248
    Color-encoded speckle imaging (CESI): a novel high frame rate approach to coherent visualization of complex flow dynamicsYu, ACH; Yiu, BYS201225
    Result pages: 1



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