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Professor Cheung, Annie Nga Yin 張雅賢

Laurence L T Hou Professorship in Anatomical Molecular Pathology
Honorary Clinical Professor
Clinical Professor

Principal Investigator
StatusProject CodeProject TitleAmountFunding Year
HKU 7251/98MIn situ analysis of tissue dynamics in gestational trophoblastic disease6190001998/1999
HKU 7503/06MAkt and p21-activated kinase signaling pathways in gestational trophoblastic disease8445002006/2007
HKU 7309/04MStem cell related genes in gestational trophoblastic diseases9399682004/2005
HKU 397/94MA study on the expression of oncogene, tumour suppressor gene and growth factors in normal human placenta and gestational trophoblastic disease5290001994/1995
HKU 7281/00MDifferential expression of genes in gestational trophoblastic diseases7314002000/2001
HKU 763211MFBI-1 (Pokemon) in Gestational Trophoblastic Disease5600002011/2012
-Cytogenetic analysis of gestational trophoblastic disease by chromosome in situ hybridization200001994/1995
-A study on the expression of anti-oncogene p53 in the trophoblastic cells of normal human placenta and gestational trophoblastic disease with the mutation changes detected by reverse transcriptase- polymerase chain reaction and direct sequencing400001992/1993
06060642Cervical cancer screening by enhanced cervical cytology-application of novel markers7742512006/2007
07060562Integrated human papilloma virus analysis as adjunct for triage of atypical cervical cytology7989232007/2008
-Centre for Research into Circulating Fetal Nucleic Acids2500002007/2008
209206HPV detection as an adjunct for triage of atypical cervical cytology in screening for cervical cancer8655002009/2010
-Tumour Microenvironment - New concepts and molecular mechanisms6000002010/2011
211258HPV detection as an adjunct for triage of atypical cervical cytology in screening for cervical cancer13489832011/2012
01121336p53 related proteins and gestational trophoblastic disease9983602013/2014
01120936Placental biology of Down Syndrome in relation to increased gene dosage9985442013/2014
-NANOG and chemoresistance of ovarian cancer-initiating cells10560002014/2015
03143006p21 activated kinase 4 and ovarian cancer chemoresistance11796082015/2016
StatusProject CodeProject TitleAmountFunding Year
HKU 778108MRole of GnRH in ovarian cancer metastasis7405652008/2009
04050252Promoter polymorphisms of DC-SIGN in relation to host genetic susceptibility to SARS infection8049282005/2006
-Pilot study on incidence of human papillomavirus infection of the cervix among women attending Social Hygiene Clinic in Hong Kong01990/1991
-The role of oncogenes in the development and progression of breast carcinoma5540001995/1996
HKU 7324/00MPlacental apoptotic and proliferative activities and infant outcome in complicated pregnancies - the relationship with insulin-like growth factor-I, insulin-like growth factor binding proteins, and placental insulin-like growth factor expression7632002000/2001
HKU 7441/03MThe role of p73 in radiation response in cervical cancer8910002003/2004
HKU 7429/03MA study on the interrelationship among insulin-like growth factors, apoptosis and proliferation of trophoblast, and placental size throughout pregnancy, and their effects on infant outcome, in normal and diabetic pregnancies8360002003/2004
-Study of human papilloma virus and p53 in vulvar cancer in Hong Kong Chinese200001994/1995
HKU 7520/05MGene-based and haplotype analysis of the estrogen receptor genes for breast cancer susceptibility7189572005/2006
05050052Study of human papillomavirus status in Southern Chinese women with normal cervix, precancerous cervical lesions and cervical cancers8049542005/2006
-Effects of folate and folate receptor on ovarian and endometrial cancer: an in vitro study3861002006/2007
-p21-activated kinase 4: a prognostic and therapeutic target for ovarian carcinoma?2961372007/2008
HKU 776411MFunctional characterization and clinical significance of DNp73-C35 in ovarian cancer9500002011/2012
12111022Clinical significance and application of HPV-related microRNAs in cervical pre-maglinant lesions and cancer6666002012/2013
HKU 761413MDifferential roles of estrogen receptor subtypes and variants in ovarian cancer: implications for personalized hormonal treatment.7361282013/2014
HKU 784413MMicroRNA-135a transforms normal HPV infected cervical cells into cancer cells and cells with cancer stem cell-like properties8487122013/2014
HKU 775913MRoles of HPV-E6 protein and CD55(+) population in regulating radio-resistance in cervical cancer cells12557472013/2014
HKU 781013MSoluble E-cadherin: a novel molecule regulating angiogenesis?10392392013/2014
01121366Cellular functions and potential clinical application of miR-143 in cervical cancer9915682013/2014
01121526iASPP and autophagy - novel molecular targets for ovarian clear cell carcinoma9965682013/2014
17101414Role of pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase 1 (PDK1) in tumorigenesis and metastasis of ovarian cancer5672022014/2015
17117014Functional characterization of CD71(+) population and the roles of HPV-E6 protein in cervical cancer6715522014/2015
-Genetic polymorphism study of the immense response genes in relation to susceptibility, clinical outcome and treatment response of SARS750002003/2004
17141216Metadherin: a novel target for b-catenin and a critical mediator of the positive feedback loop between highly metastatic tumor cells and macrophages?10920922016/2017
17103417Nuclear p70 S6 kinase: a molecular determinant of early tumor metastasis?9050462017/2018
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