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HKU ResearcherPage: Lau, SKP
Professor Lau, Susanna Kar Pui
  • Clinical Professor
Project Code Amount Title Funding Year
1 HKU 783611M 552000 Molecular evolution and interspecies jumping in picornaviruses 2011/2012
2 11101142 80000 Complete genome sequence analysis of human enterovirus 71 strains from 2004 to 2010 in Hong Kong 2011/2012
3 11101102 74735 Automated identification of medically important bacteria by 16S rRNA sequencing using a novel comprehensive database 16SpathDB 2011/2012
4 HKU 780709M 700000 Understanding interclass jumping between mammalian and avian coronaviruses 2009/2010
5 HKU 781008M 581541 Molecular characterization of human coronavirus HKU1 2008/2009
6 HKU 776808M 287683 Molecular characterization of anaerobic Gram-negative rods and its clinical significance 2008/2009
7 HKU 779307M 948252 Mechanistic characterization of a novel virulence factor, Mp1p, in Penicillium marneffei 2007/2008
8 08070712 466828 Molecular epidemiological investigation of PARV-4-related viruses in HK and southern China 2007/2008
9 04050232 796916 Wild animal surveillance for coronavirus HKU1, a novel coronavirus associated with pneumonia in patients in Hong Kong, and potential variants of other coronaviruses that infect human 2005/2006
10 HKU 7616/05M 718957 The role of a novel coronavirus, coronavirus HKU1, in respiratory illness and its epidemiology and molecular evolution 2005/2006
11 03040282 711472 A multilocus sequence typing system for Penicillum marneffei: an international molecular cyber system for tracking the origin and transmission of Penicillium marneffei 2005/2006
12 05050012 509354 Random exploration of the Labribacter hongkongensis genome 2005/2006
13 04050222 801916 A prospective study on the epidemiology of coronavirus-associated respiratory tract infections in Hong Kong and the role of rapid disgnostic tests 2005/2006
14 HKU 7357/04M 522034 The role of a novel bacterium, Laribacter hongkongensis, in gastroenteritis, and its epidemiology and pathogenesis 2004/2005
15 01030282 802360 An oral mucosal DNA vaccine for SARS coronavirus infections 2003/2004



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