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HKU ResearcherPage: Ching, YP
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Dr Ching, Yick Pang
  • Associate Professor
Project Code Amount Title Funding Year
1 17124814 725406 Functional role and clinical significance of galectin-1 in liver cancer 2014/2015
2 01120876 997848 Minimizing neuropsychiatric side-effects of glucocorticoid therapy by antipsychotics and Chinese medicine 2013/2014
3 HKU 768613M 822731 Roles of SIRT1 deacetylase in human T-cell leukemia virus type I transcription and leukemogenesis 2013/2014
4 01120856 990360 Modulation of the PTEN/mTOR pathway enhances the survival of cone photoreceptors in retinal degeneration disorders 2013/2014
5 HKU 7/CRF/09 8100000 Molecular Pathology of Liver Cancer - a Multidisciplinary Study 2009/2010
6 HKU 764708M 617433 Mechanism involved in inhibition of tumor cell invasion by berberine derived from Coptis 2008/2009
7 N_HKU 720/08 712000 Roles and regulation of MIP-T3 in centrosomal and ciliary function 2008/2009
8 HKU 7615/06M 1830500 Significance of LRP6 coreceptor upregulation in the aberrant activation of Wnt signaling in liver cancer 2006/2007
9 HKU 1/06C 6400000 Molecular pathology of liver cancer - a multidisciplinary study 2006/2007
10 HKU 7683/05M 1571828 Roles for p21-activated protein kinase 3 in HTLV-I pathogenesis 2005/2006
11 04050052 786000 Gene regulatory function and cellular partners of SARS-associated coronavirus nucleocapsid protein 2005/2006
12 1510371 Characterization of DLC1 gene, a novel tumour suppressor gene frequently deleted in liver cancer 2004/2005
13 HKU 7436/04M 1986880 Functional characterization of DLC1 gene, a novel tumour suppressor gene frequently deleted in liver cancer 2004/2005
14 1515371 Genome-wide methylation screening in search for novel tumour suppressor genes in liver cancer 2004/2005
15 HKU 7294/02M 1786000 Functional characterization of a novel liver-enriched transcription factor of the bZIP family 2002/2003
16 HKU 7243/02M 1224000 Characterization of a novel cell cycle related kinase in glioblastoma 2002/2003



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