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    HKU ResearcherPage: Lee, CKF
    rp00458.JPG picture
    Dr Lee, Calvin Kai Fai
    • Associate Professor
    Publication list (Articles)
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    Human female reproductive tract epithelial cell cultureChan, RWS; Mak, ASC; Yeung, WSB; Lee, CKF; Cheung, ANY; Ngan, HYS; Wong, AST2013139
    Intestinal absorption and bioavailability of traditional Chinese medicines: a review of recent experimental progress and implication for quality controlLiu, JY; Lee, CKF; Sze, CW; Tong, Y; Tang, SCW; Ng, TB; Zhang, YB201353
    Soluble human leukocyte antigen-g5 activates extracellular signal-regulated protein kinase signaling and stimulates trophoblast invasionGuo, Y; Lee, CL; So, KH; Gao, J; Yeung, WSB; Yao, YQ; Lee, CKF201329
    Perfluorooctanoate suppresses spheroid attachment on endometrial epithelial cells through peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha and down-regulation of Wnt signalingTsang, H; Cheung, TY; Kodithuwakku, SPK; Chai, J; Yeung, WSB; Wong, CK; Lee, CKF201333
    Anti-Parkinsonian drug discovery from herbal medicines: What have we got from neurotoxic models?Song, JX; Sze, SCW; Ng, TB; Lee, CKF; Leung, GPH; Shaw, PC; Tong, Y; Zhang, YB2012155
    Glycodelin suppresses endometrial cell migration and invasion but stimulates spheroid attachmentSo, KH; Lee, CL; Yeung, WSB; Lee, KF2012138
    2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) suppresses spheroids attachment on endometrial epithelial cells through the down-regulation of the Wnt-signaling pathwayTsang, H; Cheung, TY; Kodithuwakku, SP; Chai, J; Yeung, WSB; Wong, CKC; Lee, KF2012153
    Wnt activation downregulates olfactomedin-1 in Fallopian tubal epithelial cells: A microenvironment predisposed to tubal ectopic pregnancyKodithuwakku, SP; Pang, RTK; Ng, EHY; Cheung, ANY; Horne, AW; Ho, PC; Yeung, WSB; Lee, KF2012215
    Electroacupuncture enhances spermatogenesis in rats after scrotal heat treatment.Gao, J; Zuo, Y; So, KH; Yeung, WSB; Ng, EHY; Lee, CKF201256
    Sirtuin 1 facilitates generation of induced pluripotent stem cells from mouse embryonic fibroblasts through the miR-34a and p53 pathwaysLee, CYL; PENG, Q; Fong, SW; CHEN, CH; Lee, CKF; Ng, EHY; Yeung, WSB201232
    Study of transforming growth factor alpha for the maintenance of human embryonic stem cellsChen, ACH; Lee, YL; Hou, DYC; Fong, SW; Peng, Q; Pang, RTK; Chiu, PCN; Ho, PC; Lee, KF; Yeung, WSB201291
    Comparative analysis of caffeoylquinic acids and lignans in roots and seeds among various burdock (Arctium lappa) genotypes with high antioxidant activityLiu, J; Cai, YZ; Wong, RNS; Lee, CKF; Tang, SCW; Sze, SCW; Tong, Y; Zhang, Y2012102
    Involvement of microRNA lethal-7a in the regulation of embryo implantation in miceLiu, WM; Pang, RTK; Cheong, AWY; Ng, EHY; Lao, K; Lee, KF; Yeung, WSB2012128
    Sperm-borne microRNA-34c is required for the first cleavage division in mouseLiu, WM; Pang, RTK; Chiu, PCN; Wong, BPC; Lao, K; Lee, KF; Yeung, WSB2012225
    Ovarian stimulation modulates steroid receptor expression and spheroid attachment in peri-implantation endometria: Studies on natural and stimulated cyclesChai, J; Lee, KF; Ng, EHY; Yeung, WSB; Ho, PC2011270
    An autoimmunized mouse model recapitulates key features in the pathogenesis of Sjugren's syndromeLin, X; Song, Jx; Shaw, PC; Ng, TB; Sze, SC; Tong, Y; Lee, KF; Zhang, KY2011254
    Effect of perinatal and postnatal bisphenol A exposure to the regulatory circuits at the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis of CD-1 miceXi, W; Lee, CKF; Yeung, WSB; Giesy, JP; Wong, MH; Zhang, X; Hecker, M; Wong, CKC2011232
    miR-135a regulates preimplantation embryo development through down-regulation of E3 ubiquitin ligase seven in absentia homolog 1A (SIAH1A) expressionPang, RTK; Liu, WM; Leung, CON; Ye, TM; Kwan, PCK; Lee, KF; Yeung, WSB2011200
    Differential actions of glycodelin-A on Th-1 and Th-2 cells: A paracrine mechanism that could produce the Th-2 dominant environment during pregnancyLee, CL; Chiu, PCN; Lam, KKW; Siu, SO; Chu, IK; Koistinen, R; Koistinen, H; Seppl, M; Lee, KF; Yeung, WSB2011282
    Glycosylation failure extends to glycoproteins in gestational diabetes mellitus: Evidence from reduced α2-6 sialylation and impaired immunomodulatory activities of pregnancy-related glycodelin-ALee, CL; Chiu, PCN; Pang, PC; Chu, IK; Lee, KF; Koistinen, R; Koistinen, H; Seppälä, M; Morris, HR; Tissot, B; Panico, M; Dell, A; Yeung, WSB2011342
    Result pages: 1



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