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Name Card
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Dr Lee, Calvin Kai Fai 李啟輝

Associate Professor
Honorary Associate Professor

Teaching List, Current
2014 S1MMPH6147FAResearch Seminars in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
2013 S2PHYO20032ALife Sciences III (Physiology & Biochemistry)
2013 S1BBMS20061APhysiological Basis of Health and Disease
2014 S1BBMS20061APhysiological Basis of Health and Disease
2013 S2PHYO22022ALife Sciences II
2014 S2MMPH6147FAResearch Seminars in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
2014 S2PHYO22022ALife Sciences II
2015-16 Semester 1BBMS20061APhysiological Basis of Health and Disease
2015-16 Semester 1OBGY6200FAAssisted Reproduction Technology (Laboratory)
2015-16 Semester 2BMSN22022ALife Science II
2015-16 Semester 2OBGY6200FAAssisted Reproduction Technology (Laboratory)
2015-16 Semester 2PHYO22022ALife Sciences II
Supervision of Research Postgraduate Students
StatusThesis TitleField of StudyStudent
Elucidation of the Action Mechanism of Erxian Decoction, a Chinese Medicinal Formula for Menopause: from Pharmacological Approach to Analytical ApproachTraditional Chinese Medicine & Menopause2010 MPhil
Cheung Ho Pan
Molecular Cloning and Charactrisation of the Human Oviduct-Specific Glycoprotein (HuOGP) promoterReproductive Biology2000 MPhil
Agarwal Anika
Glycodelin-A regulates macrophage phenotype and functionsReproductive Biology2013 Phd
Vijayan Madhavi
Human endometrial gene expression profiling and receptivity in patients undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatmentReproductive Biology2006 Phd
Liu Yunao
Chemical and Biological Characterization of a Steroidogenic Protein from Dioscorea opposita ThumbCharacterizations of Potential Therapeutic Proteins Isolated from Chinese Medicine for Treatment of Cancer and Menopause2009 MPhil
Wong Kam Lok
The Expression and Role of ADAMTS9 During Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem CellsReproductive Medicine2009 MPhil
Xin Mankun
Study on the Therapeutic Effect of Dendrobine from Dendrobium Officinale on Non-small Cell Lung CarcinomaChinese Medicines2011 Phd
Song Tianhe
An investigation into the biochemical and biological properties of zona-binding inhibitory factor 1 from human follicular fluidReproductive biology2000 Phd
Chiu Chi Ngong Philip
Effects of Endocrine Disruptors (TCDD and PFOA) on Implantation: An in vitro Co-Culture StudyReproductive Medicine2009 MPhil
Tsang Hilda
The Role of miR-101 and miR-135a in Reprogramming of Somatic Cells into Induced Pluripotent Stem CellsReproductive Biology2010 MPhil
Chen Chun Hang
A Study on the Role of Temperature Repressed Sequence 4 (Trs4) in SpermatogenesisReproductive Medicine2009 MPhil
So Kam Hei
Reproductive biology2014 Phd
Kubi John Akrofi
A study on the embryotrophic action of the complement component-3 derivative (iC3b) in the preimplantation mouse embryo developmentReproductive Medicine2007 MPhil
Cheong Wan Yee Ana
Identification and characterization of human oviductal cell derived embryotrophic factor 3Reproductive Biology2000 Phd
Lee Yin Lau
A Comparative Study on the Effects of Feeder Cells on Culture of Human Embryonic Stem CellsStem Cell Biology2006 MPhil
Hou Yuen Chi Denise
Olfactomedin-1 (Olfm-1) in Human Endometrium and Fallopian Tube: Its Roles on Endometrial Receptivity and Tubal Ectopic PregnancyReproductive Biology2009 Phd
Kodithuwakku Kankanamge Suranga Pradeep Kodithuwakku
A study of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (TCDD and Bisphenol A) on Endometrial Receptivity and ImplantationReproductive Medicine2011 Phd
Cheung Tsz Yan
A study on the biological activities of glycodelins on lymphocytes and natural killer cellsReproduction Medicine2005 Phd
Lee Cheuk Lun
MicroRNA Let-7a regulates Integrin beta-3, Vav3, and dicer to modulate trophoblast activities and hence embryo implantationReproductive Medicine2009 Phd
Cheong Wan Yee Ana
MicroRNA-212 regulates endometrial receptivity on spheroid attachment through down-regulation of Olfactomedin 1 and C-terminal binding protein 1 expressionsReproductive medicine2012 Phd
Kottawatta Kottawattage Sanda Arunika
Role of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) on Embryo Attachment onto Oviductal Epithelial Cells Through Downregulation of Olfactomedin-1 (Olfm1)Reproductive Biology2011 Phd
So Kam Hei
Reproductive Medicine2014 Phd
Yue Chaomin
Roles of VAD1.3 in spermatogenesis and fertilizationReproductive Medicine2008 Phd
Gao Jing
Molecular and functional characterization of a testis-specific TRS4 gene in spermatogenesisReproductive Medicine2007 MPhil
Tang Yue Bun Alan
Role of Ulipristal Acetate in regulating endometrial gene expression and spheroids attachmentReproductive Biology 2010 MPhil
Li Yingxing
Spatiotemporal Expression of VAD1.2/AEP2 in SpermatogenesisReproductive Medicine2005 MPhil
Tam Yuen Tsung
Biological characterization of cumulus glycodelin on human spermatozoa-zona pellucida interactionReproductive physiology2006 Phd
Chung Man Kin
Effect of acupuncture on the spermatogenesis of heat-treated rodent testisReproductive Biology2006 MPhil
Gao Jing
Regulation and functional studies of the testis-specific temperature-related sequence 4 (TRS4) in spermatogenesisReproductive Biology2012 MPhil
Yeung Aurora Seen-yu
Study on the Quality Evaluation of Yuye Decoction and Demonstration of Aquaporin 9 Down-regulation in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s disease Associated with Beta-amyloid ToxicityChinese Medicines 2012 Phd
Liu Jingyi
Effect of the Endocrine Disruptor Perflurooctane sulfonate (PFOS) on Human Pregnancy EstablishmentReproductive Medicine2014 Phd
Li Tiantian
A study on the in vivo and in vitro Embryotrophic Effect of Complement-3 (C3)Reproductive Medicine2005 MPhil
Chow Wang Ngai
Identification of a Glycodelin-C binding molecule on Human SpermatozoaReproductive Biology2005 MPhil
Tam Vernon Craig Goodheart
Serum Cytokines Profiles of High Risk Pregnant WomenMaternal-fetal Medicine2005 MPhil
Chan Amy
A study on the influence of high glucose condition on cytokine secretion and glucose uptake in human trophoblastsMaternal-fetal Medicine2005 Phd
Chow Ka Man
Priming effect of glycodelin-A on zona pellucida induced acrosome reaction in human spermatozoaReproductive Biology2005 MPhil
Wong Siu Tak
Gene Targeting to Study a Novel Testis-specific Gene Vad1.2 in SpermatogenesisReproductive Medicine2008 Phd
Cao Shanbo
Investigation on the Differential Expression and Hormonal Regulation of Olfactomedin in UterusReproductive Biology2005 MPhil
Ng Pak Yiu
Gene targeting to study a novel acrosome specific gene VAD1.3/AEP1 in spermatogenesisReproductive Medicine2004 Phd
Zuo Yan
Reproductive Biology2014 Phd
Fan Hongjie
Reproductive Biology2015 Phd
Wang Ziyi
Mechanistic study of microRNA-135a on transformation of HPV-infected cervical epithelial cells in vitroReproductive Medicine2014 MPhil
Zhu Wenyue
HKU Committee Appointments
Start DateEnd DateCommitteeCategoryBody
2001-12-212004-12-20Faculty of Medicine, Board of theLecturers in Faculty
2001-12-212004-12-20Faculty of Medicine, Board of theThe teachers who are members of the Faculty and who are full-time employees of the University
2004-12-212005-12-20Faculty of Medicine, Board of theThe teachers who are members of the Faculty and who are full-time employees of the University
2008-12-01Faculty of Medicine, Board of theThe teachers who are members of the Faculty and who are full-time employees of the University
2014-09-30Use of Live Animals in Teaching and Research, Committee on theOne other teacher of the Medical Faculty (appointed by the Senate for two years at a time)Senate
2005-12-212008-11-30Faculty of Medicine, Board of theThe teachers who are members of the Faculty and who are full-time employees of the University
2004-12-212005-12-20Faculty of Medicine, Board of theLecturers in Faculty
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