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Professor Tse, Hung Fat 謝鴻發

Professor, Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine
Deputy Director of Institute of Cardiovascular Science and Medicine
Clinical Professor
William M W Mong Professorship in Cardiology

Teaching List, Current
2013 S2MEDI64012ACardiology
2015-16 Semester 2MEDI64012ACardiology
Supervision of Research Postgraduate Students
StatusThesis TitleField of StudyStudent
Structure-Function and Physiological Properties of HCN-encoded Pacemaker ChannelsApplications of Stem Cell Biology in Cardiovascular Diseases2004 Phd
Wang Kai
Segment-Specific Fetal Spinal Cord-Derived Cells and SSEA-3 Positive Cells from Human Dermal Fibroblasts: Their Fates Analysis and Therapeutic Implication for Spinal Cord InjuryStem Cell2011 Phd
Li Wen
Mesenchymal Stem Cells Derived from Pluripotent Stem Cells for Cardiovascular Repair and RegenerationStem Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular Diseases2009 Phd
Zhang Yuelin
Generation of vasculogenic progenitor cells from human induced pluripotent stem cells for the treatment of cardiovascular diseasesCardiovascular Medicine2008 Phd
Lai Wing Hon Kevin
Risk of Ischemic Stroke and Recurrent Hemorrhagic Stroke in Chinese PopulationCardiovascular Research2009 MPhil
Chong Boon Hor
The Fate of Undifferentiated Murine Embryonic Stem Cells in a Mouse Model with Acute Myocardial InfactionApplications of Stem Cell Biology in Cardiovascular Diseases2002 MPhil
Wong Chun Wai
Regulation of hEAG1 and SK1 channels by protein tyrosine kinases and BK channels by cholesterolIon Channels, Ca2+ Signals and Cardiovascular Disorder2008 Phd
Wu Wei
Functional transient receptor potential channels in human preadipocytes and cardiac c-kit+ progenitor cellsIon Channels and Cardiac Disorder2011 Phd
Che Hui
Molecular Mechanisms of Acacetin for the Blockade of Kv1.5 and Kv4.3 Channels and the Cardio-Protection against Ischemia-Reperfusion InjuryCardiovascular Disease and Ion Channels2009 Phd
Wu Huijun
Activation of NRG1-ERBB4 signaling Potentiates Mesenchymal Stem Cell-mediated Myocardial RepairsCardiovascular Research-Deriving mesenchymal stem cells from human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) for treatment of cardiac ischemia2010 Phd
Liang Xiaoting
Placenta for Cardiac Tissue EngineeringCardiovascular Medicine2008 Phd
Yip Mei Chu Pandora
Clinical Relevance of Tricuspid Regurgitation and its ManagementNovel Echocardiographic Imaging in Patients with Valvular Heart Diseases2013 Phd
Chen Yan
Applications of Non-Invasive Vascular Image Techniques in Cardiovascular Risk Assessment and ManagementVascular Endothelial Function2004 MPhil
Hu Rui
Macrophage migration inhibitory factor and circulating progenitor cells: Relevance and implications in periodontal medicinePeriodontal Medicine2006 Phd
Li Xiao
In Vivo DTI Study of Rodent Brains during Early Postnatal Development and InjuriesMagnetic Resonance Imaging2006 MPhil
Lau Ho Fai
Relationship between Vascular Function and Endothelial Progenitor Cells in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus and Metabolic SyndromeTherapeutic Angiogenesis2006 MPhil
Qiuwaxi Jianadi
Novel Therapies for Prevention of Left Ventricular Remodeling following Myocardial InfarctiionEmbryonic Stem Cells in Cardiac Regeneration2008 Phd
Liao Songyan
Clinical applications of cardiac multi-detector computed tomographyDiagnostic Radiology2004 MPhil
Wang Silun
Modulation of Transient Outward Potassium Channels by Protein Tyrosine Kinases and Demonstration of TRPC and TRPM Channels in Human Atrial MyocytesIon Channels and Cardiovascular Disorder2007 Phd
Zhang Yanhui
Development of Therapeutic Approaches for Monogenic Liver Disease Using Patient-Specific Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell ModelsStem cell based regenerative medicine2014 Phd
Yang Jiayin
Genomic Instability and Accelerated Cellular Senescence in Laminopathy-based Premature AgeingGenomic Instability and Premature Aging in Zmpste24 Deficient Mice2004 Phd
Liu Baohua
Pharmacological regulation of arachidonic acid metabolism for resolution of inflammation and suppression of cardiac injury in rodent models of myocardial infarctionMolecular Chinese Medicine2013 Phd
Cheng Yuanyuan
Serum Uric Acid and its Relationship with Cardiovascular DiseasesCardiovascular imaging on Stem cell therapy2012 MPhil
Wong Chun Kit Arthur
The effect of diet intake on vascular function and therapeutic effect of cardiovascular medicine in patients with cardiovascular diseaseNutrition Pattern on Cardiac Diseases Population2009 Phd
Chan Hiu Ting
Cellular Electrophysiology of Cardiac Pacemaker Channel - Implications on Novel Drug and Gene Therapies DevelopmentStem Cells Application in Cardiology2005 Phd
Chan Yau Chi
Absence of Nucks1 enhances mesenchymal stem cells mediated cardiac protectionStem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine2011 MPhil
Chiu Sin Ming
The Association of Adiponectin with Cardiovascular Disease and Endothelial Progenitor CellsClinical Pharmacology2006 Phd
Li Mingfang
Generation of Neurons from LAMP2-Deficient iPSCs for Modeling Lysosomal Dysfunction Induced NeuropathogenesisCardiology2013 MPhil
Law Cheuk Yiu
Pluripotent stem cells for cardiac regenerationMyocardium Tissue Engineering with Embryonic Stem Cells through Manipulation of Cardiac Hypertrophy Pathway2008 Phd
Lee Yee Ki
Functional ion channels in human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells and human cardiac c-kit+ progenitor cellsIon Channels in Cardiovascular Disorders2010 Phd
Zhang Yingying
Relationship between Psychological Status and Vascular Function in Subjects with and without Cardiovascular DiseasesCirculating Endothelial Cells and Cardiovascular Diseases2006 MPhil
Chen Hua
Generation of Induced Cardiospheres via Reprogramming of Skin Fibroblasts for Myocardial RegenerationInduced Pluripotent Stem Cells for Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiovascular disease2012 Phd
Xu Jianyong
Novel Insight into the Mechanisms and Treatment of Ventricular TachyarrhythmiasCardiac Electrophysiology2006 Phd
Liu Yuan
Drug testing platform using in vitro electrophysiology and in vivo rodent models for evaluating existing and novel cardiovascular drugs and their potential applicationsCardiovascular Imaging on Stem Cell Therapy2011 Phd
Chen Zi
Regulation of Cell Proliferation and Modulation of Differentiation in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Mesenchymal Stem CellsCardiovascular Imaging on Stem Cell Therapy2009 Phd
Zhang Jiao
Stem Cell Based Modeling of Cardiovascular Disease2015 Phd
Ran Xinru
Novel Therapies for Improvement of Left Ventricular Function following HypertensionStem Cell Based Regenerative Medicine2014 Phd
Zhen Zhe
Risk Prediction of Cardiovascular Disease2016 Phd
Wong Yuen Kwun
Stem cells platform for modeling of cardiovascular diseases2016 MPhil
Jiang Yu
Stem cells platform for modeling of cardiovascular diseases2016 MPhil
Wei Rui
Cardiology2016 MPhil
Zhang Zhe Yu
Cardiology2017 MPhil
Yu Yujuan
Ion channel in cardiovascular diseases2017 Phd
Sun Sijia
HKU Committee Appointments
Start DateEnd DateCommitteeCategoryBody
2006-05-25Faculty of Medicine, Board of theThe teachers who are members of the Faculty and who are full-time employees of the University
1999-05-012004-03-31Faculty of Medicine, Board of theLecturers in Faculty
2004-04-012006-05-24Faculty of Medicine, Board of theSenior Lecturers in Faculty
1996-05-011999-04-30Faculty of Medicine, Board of theLecturers in Faculty
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