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    HKU ResearcherPage: Chan, MCW
    44.jpg picture
    Dr Chan, Michael Chi Wai
    • Assistant Professor
    Publication list (Conference Papers)
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    Immuno-modulatory and anti-viral effects of statins in influenza H5N1 virus infection of human alveolar epithelial cells and peripheral blood derived macrophagesHui, PY; Chan, WY; Chan, LY; Peiris, JSM; Chan, MCW201325
    Angiopoietin-1 and Keratinocyte Growth Factor restore the impaired alveolar fluid clearance induced by influenza H5N1 virus infectionKuok, IT; Chan, WY; Lee, JW; Fang, X; Matthay, MA; Peiris, JSM; Chan, MCW201331
    Influenza B viruses in swine: virus tropism in swine respiratory organ explant cultures.Bui, HT; Nicholls, JM; Peiris, JSM; Chan, MCW; Chan, WY201323
    Pathogenesis of the novel avian-origin influenza A (H7N9) virus Influenza H7N9 virus in human lower respiratory tractChan, LY; Chan, WY; Peiris, JSM; Chan, MCW201329
    Effect of human mesenchymal stem cells on enhancing alveolar fluid clearance in human alveolar epithelium injured by influenza H5N1 virus infectionChan, M; Chan, WY; Leung, CYH; Fang, X; Nicholls, JM; Lee, J; Matthay, MA; Peiris, JSM2012115
    Correlation of influenza infection with glycan arrayNicholls, J; Chan, RWY; Li, ACL; Yen, HL; Air, G; Haslam, S; Dell, A; Walther, T; Chan, M; Peiris, JSM201297
    The influence of smoking on pulmonary influenza infection - an ex vivo studyChan, MCW; Chan, RWY; Mak, JCW; Peiris, JSM; Nicholls, JM2012106
    Hemagglutinin-neuraminidase balance confers respiratory droplet transmissibility of the pandemic H1N1 influenza virus in ferretsYen, H; Liang, C; Wu, C; Forrest, H; Ferguson, A; Choy, KT; Jones, J; Wong, DDY; Cheung, PHP; Hsu, C; Li, OTW; Yuen, KM; Chan, WY; Poon, LLM; Chan, MCW; Nicholls, JM; Krauss, S; Wong, CH; Guan, Y; Webster, RG; Webby, R; Peiris, JSM2011221
    Human ex vivo and in vitro Experimental Models for Studying Influenza PathogenesisPeiris, JSM; Chan, MCW; Chan, WY; Nicholls, JM2011149
    Toll-like Receptor 3 signaling contributes to enhanced disease severity in H5N1 but not pandemic H1N1 infection in miceLeung, CYH; Nicholls, JM; Sia, SF; Hui, PY; Cheung, PPH; Chow, CK; Chan, WY; Chan, MCW; Peiris, JSM2011153
    Impaired alveolar edema fluid clearance in human alveolar epithelial cells injured by severe influenza A virus infectionChan, MCW; Chan, WY; Lee, JW; Fang, X; Matthay, MA; Peiris, JSM2011186
    Neutrophil extracellular trap formation in acute influenza virus infectionChan, WY; Chan, MCW; Li, SY; Nicholls, JM; Peiris, JSM2011152
    Pathogenesis of swine-origin influenza H1N1 virus (S-OIV) in humans: studies of viral tropism and host response in primary differentiated human respiratory epithelial cell cultures in vitro and in ex vivoChan, MCW; Chan, WY; Lee, MY; Cheung, CY; Nicholls, JM; Peiris, JSM201042
    Comparing the tropism of the pandemic H1N1/2009 influenza virus with seasonal influenza virus, related swine influenza viruses and reassortants in ex vivo and in vitro cultures of human conjunctiva and respiratory tractChan, MCW; Chan, WY; Yen, H; Lee, MY; Guan, Y; Nicholls, JM; Peiris, M2010151
    Differential Viral Replication Kinetics And Host Innate Immune Responses By Influenza A (H5N1) Virus In Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells At Different Differentiation StagesChan, WY; Yuen, KM; Yu, CL; Ho, CC; Nicholls, JM; Peiris, JSM; Chan, MCW2009199
    The use of sialidase treatment in influenza virus infectionNicholls, JM; Chan, MCW; Chan, WY; Peiris, JSM; Malakhov, M; Li, H; Huang, Y; Zaltash, S; Hawley, S; Haslam, S; Karamanska, R; Fang, F2009278
    Infection of influenza A (H5N1) virus in human eye epithelium, an in vitro and ex vivo studyChan, WY; Yu, CL; Yuen, KM; Fong, JHM; Lo, ACY; Lai, WWK; Wong, DSH; Nicholls, JM; Peiris, JSM; Chan, MCW2009203
    Pandemic H1N1 2009 and Drug Resistant Influenza Viruses are Potently Inhibited by DAS181, a Sialidase Fusion ProteinTriana-Baltzer, GB; Gubareva, LV; Nicholls, JM; Pearce, MB; Mishin, VP; Belser, JA; Chen, LM; Chan, WY; Chan, MCW; Klimov, AA; Hedlund, M; Wurtman, D; Moss, RB; Katz, JM; Tumpey, TM; Belshe, RB; Fang, F2009228
    Innate immune response and virus replication in human nasopharyngeal epithelial cells infected with influenza A (H5N1) virus.Chan, WY; Yu, CL; Nicholls, JM; Tsao, GSW; Peiris, JSM; Chan, MCW2008182
    The use of ex-vivo tissues for Infection by pathogenic and non-pathogenic influenza Viruses.Nicholls, JM; Chan, WY; Chan, MCW; Peiris, JSM2007193
    Result pages: 1



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