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    HKU ResearcherPage: Chan, TL
    rp00418.jpg picture
    Dr Chan, Tsun Leung
    • Hon Associate Professor, Dept of Surgery
    • Hon Associate Professor, Dept of Pathology
    Publication list (Articles)
    Results 1-20 of 30
    Result pages: 1
    Altered regulation of DNA ligase IV activity by aberrant promoter DNA methylation and gene amplification in colorectal cancerKuhmann, C; Li, C; Kloor, M; Salou, M; Weigel, C; Schmidt, CR; Ng, WCL; Tsui, WY; Leung, SY; Yuen, ST; Becker, N; Weichenhan, D; Plass, C; Schmezer, P; Chan, TL; Popanda, O201432
    Risk of colorectal and endometrial cancers in EPCAM deletion-positive Lynch syndrome: A cohort studyKempers, MJE; Kuiper, RP; Ockeloen, CW; Chappuis, PO; Hutter, P; Rahner, N; Schackert, HK; Steinke, V; HolinskiFeder, E; Morak, M; Kloor, M; Büttner, R; Verwiel, ETP; van Krieken, JH; Nagtegaal, ID; Goossens, M; van der Post, RS; Niessen, RC; Sijmons, RH; Kluijt, I; Hogervorst, FBL; Leter, EM; Gille, JJP; Aalfs, CM; Redeker, EJW; Hes, FJ; Tops, CMJ; van Nesselrooij, BPM; van Gijn, ME; García, EBG; Eccles, DM; Bunyan, DJ; Syngal, S; Stoffel, EM; Culver, JO; Palomares, MR; Graham, T; Velsher, L; Papp, J; Oláh, E; Chan, TL; Leung, SY; van Kessel, AG; Kiemeney, LALM; Hoogerbrugge, N; Ligtenberg, MJL2011353
    Exome sequencing identifies frequent mutation of ARID1A in molecular subtypes of gastric cancerWang, K; Kan, J; Yuen, ST; Shi, ST; Chu, KM; Law, S; Chan, TL; Kan, Z; Chan, ASY; Tsui, WY; Lee, SP; Ho, SL; Chan, AKW; Cheng, GHW; Roberts, PC; Rejto, PA; Gibson, NW; Pocalyko, DJ; Mao, M; Xu, J; Leung, SY2011316
    Recurrence and variability of germline EPCAM deletions in Lynch syndromeKuiper, RP; Vissers, LELM; Venkatachalam, R; Bodmer, D; Hoenselaar, E; Goossens, M; Haufe, A; Kamping, E; Niessen, RC; Hogervorst, FBL; Gille, JJP; Redeker, B; Tops, CMJ; van Gijn, ME; van den Ouweland, AMW; Rahner, N; Steinke, V; Kahl, P; HolinskiFeder, E; Morak, M; Kloor, M; Stemmler, S; Betz, B; Hutter, P; Bunyan, DJ; Syngal, S; Culver, JO; Graham, T; Chan, TL; Nagtegaal, ID; van Krieken, JHJM; Schackert, HK; Hoogerbrugge, N; van Kessel, AG; Ligtenberg, MJL2011120
    Heritable somatic methylation and inactivation of MSH2 in families with Lynch syndrome due to deletion of the 3′ exons of TACSTD1Ligtenberg, MJL; Kuiper, RP; Chan, TL; Goossens, M; Hebeda, KM; Voorendt, M; Lee, TYH; Bodmer, D; Hoenselaar, E; HendriksCornelissen, SJB; Tsui, WY; Kong, CK; Brunner, HG; Van Kessel, AG; Yuen, ST; Van Krieken, JHJM; Leung, SY; Hoogerbrugge, N2009105
    Frequent Inactivation of Axon Guidance Molecule RGMA in Human Colon Cancer Through Genetic and Epigenetic MechanismsLi, VSW; Yuen, ST; Chan, TL; Yan, HHN; Law, WL; Yeung, BHY; Chan, ASY; Tsui, WY; So, S; Chen, X; Leung, SY2009555
    Epigenetic-genetic interactions in the APC/WNT, RAS/RAF, and P53 pathways in colorectal carcinomaSuehiro, Y; Wong, CW; Chirieac, LR; Kondo, Y; Shen, L; Renee Webb, C; Chan, Y; Chan, ASY; Chan, TL; Wu, TT; Rashid, A; Hamanaka, Y; Hinoda, Y; Shannon, RL; Wang, X; Morris, J; Issa, JPJ; Yuen, ST; Leung, SY; Hamilton, SR2008582
    MicroRNA expression profiles associated with prognosis and therapeutic outcome in colon adenocarcinomaSchetter, AJ; Leung, SY; Sohn, JJ; Zanetti, KA; Bowman, ED; Yanaihara, N; Yuen, ST; Chan, TL; Kwong, DLW; Au, GKH; Liu, CG; Calin, GA; Croce, CM; Harris, CC2008627
    Reply to 'Heritable germline epimutation is not the same as transgenerational epigenetic inheritance'Leung, SY; Chan, TL; Yuen, ST200765
    Gene expression patterns of human colon tops and basal crypts and BMP antagonists as intestinal stem cell niche factorsKosinski, C; Li, VSW; Chan, ASY; Zhang, J; Ho, C; Wai, YT; Tsun, LC; Mifflin, RC; Powell, DW; Siu, TY; Suet, YL; Chen, X2007545
    Microsatellite instability and novel mismatch repair gene mutations in northern Chinese population with hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer.Sheng, JQ; Chan, TL; Chan, YW; Huang, JS; Chen, JG; Zhang, MZ; Guo, XL; Mu, H; Chan, AS; Li, SR; Yuen, ST; Leung, SY2006177
    Heritable germline epimutation of MSH2 in a family with hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancerChan, TL; Yuen, ST; Kong, CK; Chan, YW; Chan, ASY; Ng, WF; Tsui, WY; Lo, MWS; Tam, WY; Li, VSW; Leung, SY2006143
    Recurrent KRAS codon 146 mutations in human colorectal cancerEdkins, S; O'Meara, S; Parker, A; Stevens, C; Reis, M; Jones, S; Greenman, C; Davies, H; Dalgliesh, G; Forbes, S; Hunter, C; Smith, R; Stephens, P; Goldstraw, P; Nicholson, A; Tsun, LC; Velculescu, VE; Siu, TY; Suet, YL; Stratton, MR; Futreal, PA2006155
    Comparative host gene transcription by microarray analysis early after infection of the Huh7 cell line by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus and human coronavirus 229ETang, BSF; Chan, KH; Cheng, VCC; Woo, PCY; Lau, SKP; Lam, CCK; Chan, TL; Wu, AKL; Hung, IFN; Leung, SY; Yuen, KY2005317
    Mutations of PIK3CA in gastric adenocarcinomaLi, VSW; Wong, CW; Chan, TL; Chan, ASW; Zhao, W; Chu, KM; So, S; Chen, X; Yuen, ST; Leung, SY2005265
    BRAF and NRAS mutations are uncommon in melanomas arising in diverse internal organsWong, CW; Fan, YS; Chan, TL; Chan, ASW; Ho, LC; Ma, TKF; Yuen, ST; Leung, SY2005287
    Mutations of BRAF and KRAS in Gastric Cancer and Their Association with Microsatellite InstabilityZhao, W; Chan, TL; Chu, KM; Chan, AS; Stratton, MR; Yuen, ST; Leung, SY2004128
    MSH2 c.1452-1455delAATG Is a Founder Mutation and an Important Cause of Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer in the Southern Chinese PopulationChan, TL; Chan, YW; Ho, JWC; Chan, C; Chan, ASY; Chan, E; Lam, PWY; Tse, CW; Lee, KC; Lau, CW; Gwi, E; Leung, SY; Yuen, ST2004377
    Downregulation of ID4 by promoter hypermethylation in gastric adenocarcinomaChan, ASW; Tsui, WY; Chen, X; Chu, KM; Chan, TL; Chan, ASY; Li, R; So, S; Yuen, ST; Leung, SY2003134
    BRAF and KRAS mutations in colorectal hyperplastic polyps and serrated adenomasChan, TL; Zhao, W; Leung, SY; Yuen, ST2003100
    Result pages: 1



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