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Name Card
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Professor McGhee, Sarah

Honorary Professor

Principal Investigator
StatusProject CodeProject TitleAmountFunding Year
AR120008Provision of Services on the Impact of Tobacco Control Policies on Tobacco-related Morbidity and Morality1719652012/2013
AR120009Provision of Services on the Impact of Tobacco Control Policies on Health-related Cost of Tobacco5172352012/2013
AR120010Policy-related survey on tobacco control for COSH2920382012/2013
HKU 7448/05HEconomic impact of smoking: current burden and future trends6720042005/2006
731041An investigation into the current management of hypertension in Hong Kong: a two phase study1761501998/1999
511014Evaluation of a nursing information system5796701995/1996
212919The cost of tobacco-related disease in Hong Kong8642001999/2000
-The cost-effectiveness of risperidone in the treatment of schizophrenia in Hong Kong280001995/1996
212915Evaluation of mobile screening service for older people in Shamshuipo4691252000/2001
213018The health benefits of reduced air pollution: value and trade-offs3607702000/2001
01030691Cost-effectiveness analysis of vaccinating the non-institutional elderly against influenza in Hong Kong2689722003/2004
02030351Quality adjusted life years (QALYS) - population-specific measurement of the quality component7836002003/2004
731041An investigation into the current management of hypertension in Hong Kong: a two phase study78501998/1999
-Evaluation of a nursing information system67251997/1998
03040851Explaining coronary heart disease trends in Hong Kong: creation of a model for policy and planning2519322005/2006
04060581The impact of smoke-free policies on health outcomes5271042006/2007
04060601The economic burden of diabetes related to excess body weight in Hong Kong present and future1778962006/2007
HKU 7004-PPR-6Prediction of mortality and hospital use in older people in Hong Kong7000002007/2008
06071021The cost-effectiveness of screening for diabetic retinopathy in Hong Kong8000002008/2009
StatusProject CodeProject TitleAmountFunding Year
-Short term health impact and costs due to raod traffic-related air pollution6250002000/2001
04050172Infectious illness and secondhand smoke exposure in utero and during the first 8 years of life2143682005/2006
-Study of services for people with TB in Hong Kong: a research proposal to evaluate the quality of care1500001994/1995
07080711Cost-effective osteoporosis intervention thresholds for Hong Kong Southern Chinese postmenopausal women1342962009/2010
622003An exploratory assessment of willingness to pay for health care in Hong Kong624171996/1997
-Services for the treatment of patients with tuberculosis in Hong Kong: evaluation of the experience of a cohort of patients to provide information for service development5698291995/1996
811028Cost-effectiveness of low salt diet in lowering blood pressure in Hong Kong Chinese7856101998/1999
711023The pattern of cervical cancer screening in Hong Kong5360401997/1998
921029Does waiting time for specialist outpatient appointments impact clinic attendance and doctor shopping in Hong Kong?5732401998/1999
-Health care needs assessment in diabetes500001995/1996
HKU 7298/00MPublic perception and health: what value do people give to health and to features of modern life which affect it?6500002000/2001
01030681Exercise health promotion in older adults: a randomised controlled trial6586442003/2004
HKU 7396/03MA population based study of hospitalization disease burden for respiratory viral infections in children6240002003/2004
04050182Influenza vaccination and hospitalizations in clients of Elderly Health Centres2130112005/2006
SHS-E-08Advance directive and the preference of old age home residents for community model of end-of-life care in the Hong Kong7611912006/2007
4744-RFA04-04-4/06/5Impact of the 1990 Hong Kong Legislation for restriction on sulfur content in fuel15294012006/2007
05060741Health-related quality of life and health preference of patients with chronic Hepatitis B infections4002092006/2007
05060661Risks from passive smoking by workers in the catering industry7110822007/2008
-Provision of primary care services in the private sector in Hong Kong: assessment of the impact of capitation and gatekeeper arrangements3903601995/1996
-Open label, prospective, double arm, randomized, pilot study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the same day administration of PDT with verteporfin and an intravitreal injection of ranibizumab vs. ranibizumab monotherapy for the treatment of subfoveal CNV secondary to neovascular age related macular degeneration in the Asian population5000002007/2008
08090851A Study on Health-related Quality of Life of patients with Colorectal Neoplasm and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Colorectal Cancer Screening in Hong Kong6662882010/2011
09101231Prioritising patients using quality of life and visual acuity: how should we select and prioritise patients for cataract surgery?5368832011/2012
11121381Diabetic retinopathy screening for specialist care6839602013/2014
11121401Measuring the burden of fatal and nonfatal injury in Hong Kong8851722013/2014
13120652Mother’s preferences and willingness to pay for human papillomavirus vaccination for their daughters: a discrete choice experiment in Hong Kong3780402013/2014
12133951The feasibility of screening for diabetic retinopathy in private practice Hong Kong9888922014/2015
AR160071Tobacco Control Policy-related Survey 2016-20179888002016/2017
AR160060Study on Price Elasticity and Affordability of Tobacco in Hong Kong4000002016/2017
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