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HKU ResearcherPage: Johnston, JM
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Dr Johnston, Janice Mary
  • Associate Professor
Contact Information
JmJ.jpg picture
  • 3917 9108
  • FMM 512
Dr Johnston, Janice Mary
  • Associate Professor
Research Interests:
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Also Cited As:
  • Johnston, J

    Dr Janice Mary Johnston undertook PhD studies in Hong Kong and graduated in 1998. She has worked for the School of Public Health, University of Hong Kong since July 1990 and has over twenty-three years extensive experience in research, undergraduate and post-graduate education, as well as the management of and scientific support for a Hong Kong-based health services research grants agency.

    Dr Johnston specialises in the field of health policy and management. Her achievements have been recognized by appointment as a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health (UK) by distinction.

    Within the broad scope of health service research, her major interests include topics that

    1. have major impact on health service delivery and health care management locally and internationally,

    2. introduce economic evaluation to improve health care delivery and

    3. focus on improving equity in the provision and delivery of health care.

    Dr Johnston is principle or co-investigator of a programmatic approach to the evaluation of

    1. aspects of the organisation, management and quality of health care in Hong Kong, with particular emphasis on complex chronic disease,

    2. the computerisation of clinical practice as well as the acceptability and feasibility of electronic medical records among physician's and patient's in Hong Kong and

    3. undergraduate and post-graduate teaching and learning. 

    In recent years, she has focused on developing the tools for and undertaking the evaluation of specific health service models including quality of care and healthcare accreditation, workload and team work within multidisciplinary teams, manpower planning and projection, aspects of care delivery for complex chronic diseases, assessing 'value for money' aspects of disease specific service delivery, waiting time, access to care, the public and private health care interface, computerization of health care, and determinants of 'cross-border' health seeking behavior.

    Dr Johnston maintains a substantial administrative and teaching commitment in the undergraduate medical and postgraduate public health curricula. She has mentored 7 PhD and 4 MPhil research postgraduates to date. Dr Johnston is responsible for all undergraduate, taught course postgraduate and research postgraduate programmes in the School, a role that includes core administrative and management responsibilities, curriculum development, assessment and evaluation. She is Chairman of the Department Research Postgraduate Committee; responsible for about 50 MPhil and PhD students. She is Academic Director of the Master of Public Health and responsible for approximately 140 student senrolled in the taught postgraduate programmes each year. Dr Johnston also leads medical education scholarship and is responsible for innovation in teaching and pedagogical reform.

    She is an examiner for the Hong Kong College of Community Medicine (Administrative Medicine).

    She is a reviewer for Journal of Public Health (OUP), Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (BMJ Publishing Group), Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice (Wiley), BMC Public Health and BMC Health Services Research (Biomed Central).

    Dr Johnston was seconded to the Health, Welfare and Food Bureau on contract terms from 1996 - 2010, providing instrumental support to the Health and Health Services Research Fund, Health Care and Promotion Fund and the Research Fund for the Control of Infectious Diseases (now the Health and Medical Research Fund) and their predecessors both in the operational aspects of the funds themselvesand advising potential investigators of the best strategies to take in the grant application process through to project completion and publication.

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