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    HKU ResearcherPage: Wong, CM
    CM.jpg picture
    Dr Wong, Chit Ming
    • Associate Professor
    Publication list (Articles)
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    Result pages: 1
    Health impact assessment of marine emissions in Pearl River Delta regionLai, HK; Tsang, H; Chau, J; Lee, CH; McGhee, S; Hedley, AJ; Wong, CM201352
    Short-term effects of daily air pollution on mortalityMahiyuddin, WRW; Sahani, M; Aripin, R; Latif, MT; Thach, TQ; Wong, CM201374
    Thermal stress associated mortality risk and effect modification by sex and obesity in an elderly cohort of Chinese in Hong KongXu, W; Thach, TQ; Chau, YK; Lai, HK; Lam, TH; Chan, WM; Lee, RSY; Hedley, AJ; Wong, CM201337
    Obesity and influenza associated mortality: Evidence from an elderly cohort in Hong KongYang, L; Chan, KP; Lee, RSY; Chan, WM; Lai, HK; Thach, TQ; Chan, KH; Lam, TH; Peiris, JSM; Wong, CM2013110
    Cigarette smoking as a risk factor for influenza-associated mortality: Evidence from an elderly cohortWong, CM; Yang, L; Chan, KP; Chan, WM; Song, L; Lai, HK; Thach, TQ; Ho, LM; Chan, KH; Lam, TH; Peiris, JSM2013113
    A method to derive the relationship between the annual and short-term air quality limits--analysis using the WHO Air Quality Guidelines for health protectionLai, HK; Hedley, AJ; Thach, TQ; Wong, CM201338
    Dietary habits and the short-term effects of air pollution on mortality in the Chinese population in Hong KongOu, CQ; Wong, CM; Ho, SY; Schooling, M; Yang, L; Hedley, AJ; Lam, TH2012239
    Excess mortality associated with the 2009 pandemic of influenza A(H1N1) in Hong KongYang, L; Chan, KP; Cowling, BJ; Chiu, SS; Chan, KH; Peiris, JSM; Wong, CM2012102
    Associations between short-term exposure to nitrogen dioxide and mortality in 17 Chinese cities: The China Air Pollution and Health Effects Study (CAPES)Chen, RJ; Samoli, E; Wong, CM; Huang, W; wang, ZS; Chen, BH; Kan, HD201278
    Hospitalisation associated with the 2009 H1N1 pandemic and seasonal influenza in Hong Kong, 2005 to 2010Yang, L; Wang, X; Chan, KP; Cao, P; Lau, HY; Peiris, JSM; Wong, CM201282
    Construction of a traditional Chinese medicine syndrome-specific outcome measure: the Kidney Deficiency Syndrome questionnaire (KDSQ)Chen, RQ; Wong, CM; Lam, TH201277
    Short-term exposure to sulfur dioxide and daily mortality in 17 Chinese cities: the China air pollution and health effects study (CAPES)Chen, R; Huang, W; Wong, CM; Wang, Z; Thach, TQ; Chen, B; Kan, H2012107
    Association of CD247 with systemic lupus erythematosus in Asian populationsLi, R; Yang, W; Zhang, J; Hirankarn, N; Pan, HF; Mok, CC; Chan, TM; Wong, R; Mok, MY; Lee, KW; Wong, SN; Leung, A; Li, XP; Avihingsanon, Y; Lee, TL; Ho, M; Lee, P; Wong, W; Wong, CM; Ng, I; Yang, J; Li, PH; Zhang, Y; Zhang, L; Li, W; Baum, L; Kwan, P; Rianthavorn, P; Deekajorndej, T; Suphapeetiporn, K; Shotelersuk, V; GarciaBarceló, MM; Cherny, SS; Tam, PH; Sham, PC; Lau, CS; Shen, N; Lau, YL; Ye, DQ2012340
    Effect of influenza on cardiorespiratory and all-cause mortality in Hong Kong, Singapore and Guangzhou.Wong, CM; Peiris, JS; Yang, L; Chan, KP; Thach, TQ; Lai, HK; Lim, WW; Hedley, AJ; He, J; Chen, P; Ou, C; Deng, A; Zhang, X; Zhou, D; Ma, S; Chow, A2012180
    Influenza associated mortality in the subtropics and tropics: Results from three Asian citiesYang, L; Ma, S; Chen, PY; He, JF; Chan, KP; Chow, A; Ou, CQ; Deng, AP; Hedley, AJ; Wong, CM; Peiris, JSM2011142
    Health risks of air pollution on mortality in Klang Valley, MalaysiaMazrura, S; Mahiyuddin, WRW; Aripin, R; Latif, TM; Thach, TQ; Wong, CM2011319
    Two missense variants in UHRF1BP1 are independently associated with systemic lupus erythematosus in Hong Kong ChineseZhang, Y; Yang, W; Mok, CC; Chan, TM; Wong, RWS; Mok, MY; Lee, KW; Wong, SN; Leung, AMH; Lee, TL; Ho, MHK; Lee, PPW; Wong, WHS; Yang, J; Zhang, J; Wong, CM; Ng, IOL; GarciaBarceló, MM; Cherny, SS; Tam, PKH; Sham, PC; Lau, CS; Lau, YL20111,722
    Lung function and exposure to workplace second-hand smoke during exemptions from smoking ban legislation: An exposure - Response relationship based on indoor PM 2.5 and urinary cotinine levelsLai, HK; Hedley, AJ; Repace, J; So, C; Lu, QY; Mcghee, SM; Fielding, R; Wong, CM2011118
    Cold and winter mortality from cardiovascular diseases in Guangzhou, ChinaOu, CQ; Song, YF; Chau, YK; Yang, L; Wong, CM; Chen, PY2011142
    Influenza surveillance and excess associated mortality in Guangzhou, ChinaOu, CQ; He, JF; Deng, AP; Yang, L; Chan, KP; Chen, PY; Wong, CM2011125
    Result pages: 1



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