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Name Card
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Dr Wong, Chit Ming 黃浙明

Honorary Associate Professor

Principal Investigator
StatusProject CodeProject TitleAmountFunding Year
-Short term health impact and costs due to raod traffic-related air pollution6250002000/2001
HKU 780512MA cohort study for effects of environmental thermal stress and air pollution on mortality for the older population in Hong Kong7500002012/2013
212920A pilot study for the validation and elucidation of public health related environmental effect estimates from statistical modelling of daily counts of health outcome1143302000/2001
-A comparison study of two indices of air pollution in terms of their validity and reliability for the health effects of air pollution in Hong Kong1500001998/1999
-Morbidity, mortality and population characteristics in Central and Western District588242000/2001
-A survey of the characteristics and satisfaction of the patients attending the Accident and Emergency Department of the Queen Mary Hospital700001995/1996
-Short-term effects of ambient air pollution on public health in Hong Kong - a follow-up study1250001997/1998
621009Estimation of variations in health care needs between small areas in Hong Kong using routine statistics on morbidity, mortality and socioeconomic and demographic characteristics of the population4831501996/1997
-Short-term effects of ambient air pollution on public health in Hong Kong - an APHEA-2 study1714281998/1999
215032Impact of air pollution on premature deaths in Hong Kong3649902002/2003
4713-RFIQ03-3/04-9Interaction between air pollution and respiratory viruses: Time-series studies for daily mortality and hospital admissions11686432003/2004
4744-RFA04-04-4/06/5Impact of the 1990 Hong Kong Legislation for restriction on sulfur content in fuel15294012006/2007
05060701A study for effects of poor visibility on hospitalization in Hong Kong3063602007/2008
04050212Estimation of the effect of influenza on cardiorespiratory and all causes mortality in tropical and sub-tropical climates - a comparative study between Hong Kong, Singapore and Guangzhou for influence of seasonality and meteorological conditions7996562005/2006
09080532Effect modifications of lifestyle factors on risk of mortality associated with influenza in an elderly cohort3338802009/2010
08090971A stimulation study for a method to determine life expectancy change due to air pollution from time series data4728802010/2011
G_HK032/10Climate change and environmental health – the impact of thermal stress on the mortality and morbidity in urban Hong Kong: Development of a coordinated methodology between multidisciplinary experts from Hong Kong and Germany600002010/2011
12111232Temporal antigenic variation of influenza viruses and its impact on seasonal transmission of influenza: A multidisplinary study linking epidemiology and genetic data in Hong Kong7178562012/2013
AR140004The Hong Kong D3D Study, A dynamtic three dimensional exposure model for Hong Kong5753782013/2014
StatusProject CodeProject TitleAmountFunding Year
-Survey on youth smoking trend1910001993/1994
JRS99/04Assessment for short-term health effects of air pollution and the effects of government intervention in limiting sulphur content of industrial fuels623231998/1999
-Development of a computer aided diagnostic system for patients presenting with acute abdominal pain in Queen Mary Hospital, The University of Hong Kong150001989/1990
-Stress in medical students902141993/1994
711023The pattern of cervical cancer screening in Hong Kong5360401997/1998
-EPD: study on respiratory health and the effects of air pollution in Hong Kong13976551991/1992
213018The health benefits of reduced air pollution: value and trade-offs3607702000/2001
01030691Cost-effectiveness analysis of vaccinating the non-institutional elderly against influenza in Hong Kong2689722003/2004
04060581The impact of smoke-free policies on health outcomes5271042006/2007
08090901Randomized Controlled Trial of a Brief Group Intervention Using Cognitive-behavioral Approach to Reduce Postnatal Depressive Symptoms5470352010/2011
11100582Estimation of excess mortality and hospitalization associated with pandemic influenza 20093984402011/2012
-Adopting a context-based problem-based learning model to promote student learning2000/2001
12133371The Mortality Effects of Long-Term Traffic-Related Exposure in a Cohort of Chinese Elderly8063702014/2015
13143351Impacts of maternal exposure to particulate matter on birth weight using high resolution spatio-temporal exposure modelling in Hong Kong, 2001-20118254482015/2016
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