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Name Card
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Dr Wong, Chit Ming 黃浙明

Honorary Associate Professor

Teaching List, Current
2013 S1CMED69121AEvironmental Health Hazards and Interventions
2013 S2CMED69132AEvironmental Health Assessments
Supervision of Research Postgraduate Students
StatusThesis TitleField of StudyStudent
Disease burden and seasonality of influenza in subtropical Hong KongPublic Health2004 Phd
Yang Lin
Air pollution and mortality among the elderly in Hong Kong: effect modification by smoking habits and physical activityBiostatistics amd Computing2006 MPhil
Chan Wing Kwan
Antigenic variation of influenza viruses and its impact on seasonal transmission of influenza: A multi-disciplinary approach in incorporating environmental and genetic measurements in an influenza epidemiology study in Hong KongInfectious Disease Epidemiology and Biostatistics2012 Phd
Cao Peihua
The Outdoor Horizontal and Vertical Variations of Respirable Suspended Particulate Concentrations within a Densely Urban Environment in Hong Kong - Application of a Box and Plume Dispersion Model (airGIS/OSPM)Public Health in Relation Air Pollution2009 MPhil
Chapman Peter Stuart
Individual risk factors that modify the short-term effects of air pollution on mortality: A population-based study of Chinese populationPublic Health Effect2003 Phd
Ou Chunquan
Trends in Respirable Suspended Particulates Chemical Subspecies Before and After an InterventionImpact of Respirable Particulate Subspecies on Health Outcome2005 MPhil
Chau Yuen Kwan
Spatio-temporal modelling of particulate matter and its application to assessing mortality effects of long-term exposureBiostatistics2012 MPhil
Zheng Qishi
Traffic-Related Exposures and All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality of General and Older Population in Hong KongBiostatistics and Environmental Health Sciences2011 MPhil
Ma Xiaonan
Effects of apparent temperature on mortality in a cohort of older population in Hong KongEpidemiology and Control of Infectious Diseases and Environmental Health Hazards2009 MPhil
Xu Wansu
Marine-shipping related Exposures and Mortality in Hong Kong : a Time-Series StudyPublic Health Practice2012 MPhil
He Yunxin
Epidemiology and Biostatistics2013 Phd
Sun Shengzhi
Extension of Disease Burden Modeling from Seasonal Influenza to 2009 Pandemic InfluenzaBiostatistics2012 Phd
Wang Xiling
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma and its relation to well known protective and risk factors: A multi-jurisdictional ecological studyPublic Health2011 MPhil
Lau Hiu Ying
Smoking and Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: Prospective Evidence from the Guangzhou Occupational Cohort Study and a meta-analysisChronic Disease Epidemiology and Biobank2013 MPhil
Lin Jiahuang
Statistical validation of Kidney Deficiency Syndromes (KDS) and the development of a KDS questionnaire in Hong Kong Chinese women aged 40-60 yearsEpidemiology and Chinese Medicine2004 Phd
Chen Run Qiu
Short-term effects of influenza and its interactions with individual factors on mortality in an elderly cohort of Hong KongBiostatistics2006 MPhil
Song Liang
Quitting smoking and mortality: a population-based mortality case-control study in Hong KongChronic disease epidemiology and biobank2013 MPhil
Mai Zhiming
HKU Committee Appointments
Start DateEnd DateCommitteeCategoryBody
1993-03-012013-06-30Faculty of Medicine, Board of theThe teachers who are members of the Faculty and who are full-time employees of the University
2013-07-012015-06-30Faculty of Medicine, Board of theThe teachers who are members of the Faculty and who are full-time employees of the University
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