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HKU ResearcherPage: Yeung, WSB
photo.jpg picture
Professor Yeung, William Shu Biu
  • Professor
  • Honorary Professor
Project Code Amount Title Funding Year
1 17111414 1198800 Human embryonic stem cell-derived trophoblastic cells for the development of a novel implantation model 2014/2015
2 17105214 1133440 The role of galectin-3 in spermatozoa-zona pellucida binding and its association with fertilization in vitro 2014/2015
3 HKU 770813M 649524 Embryo-Female Reproductive Tract Interaction: A study on the role of embryo-derived factor(s) on endometrial receptivity through microRNA regulation 2013/2014
4 HKU 764512M 1143840 Complementary role of sperm sialyl-Lewis(x) binding proteins and sialidase on sperm-zona pellucida interaction 2012/2013
5 HKU 774212M 1297160 Control of human decidual macrophage differentiation by glycodelin-A 2012/2013
6 HKU 775711M 1050000 Role of Sirt1 in generation of mouse induced pluripotent stem cells 2011/2012
7 HKU 764611M 950000 The roles of protein disulfide isomerase family A, member 3 (ERp57) and surface thiol/disulfide exchange in spermatozoa-zona pellucida binding and their association with fertilization in vitro. 2011/2012
8 HKU 765508M 747696 Combined use of letrozole and misoprostol for medical termination of pregnancy 2008/2009
9 HKU 763508M 804125 Control of human trophoblast invasion by glycodelin-A 2008/2009
10 HKU 764007M 842201 Structural Characterization and Quantification of Diabetes-Associated Glycosylation Changes in Glycodelins Using Mass Spectrometry 2007/2008
11 HKU 702307P 557500 Biomedical Nanoparticle Analysis System Based On Hyphenating Gas-Phase Electrophoretic Mobility Molecular Sizer With Nanometer Aerosol Sampler And Elemental Analyzers For Morphological And Chemical Analysis Of Mitochondria From Mouse Oocyte 2007/2008
12 N_HKU 712/06 730700 Functional characterization of a testis-specific Trs4 gene on spermatogenesis by tissue-specific conditional inactivation 2006/2007
13 HKU 7578/06M 654500 Adrenomedullin and sperm functions 2006/2007
14 HKU 7514/05M 1109957 Role of olfactomedin in implantation 2005/2006
15 HKU 7537/05M 884957 Functional characterization of VAD1.3, a novel acrosome-specific protein by conditional tissue-specific gene inactivation 2005/2006
16 HKU 7309/04M 939968 Stem cell related genes in gestational trophoblastic diseases 2004/2005
17 HKU 7395/04M 809000 Endocrine gland derived vascular endothelial growth factor (EG-VEGF) in human endometrium 2004/2005
18 HKU 7411/04M 939968 The molecular interaction between human oviductal embryotrophic factor-3 and embryo 2004/2005
19 HKU 7408/03M 624000 Role of glycodelin in fertilization 2003/2004
20 HKU 7272/01M 706000 Roles of connexin junctional molecules in spermatogenesis 2001/2002
21 HKU 7261/01M 754600 Molecular cloning and characterization of zona-binding inhibitory factor-1 (ZIF-1) receptor(s) from human spermatozoa 2001/2002
22 HKU 7327/00M 763200 The effect of embryos on the gene expression of mouse oviduct in the preimplantation period 2000/2001
23 125140 A randomised, group-comparative, double-blind, multicentre study to investigate the efficacy and efficiency of a fixed daily dose treatment regimen of 100 IU or 200 IU of Puregon (follitropin [beta], Org 32489) in three hundred pituitary-suppresed infetile subjects undergoing controlled ovarian stimulation 1997/1998
24 0 Urinary [beta]-core hCG in gyn. cancer 1993/1994
25 HKU 271/92M 492000 Study of the role of p53, a tumour suppressor gene and the role of human papilloma virus (HPV) 16 and 18 in the patho-genesis of cervical cancer in Hong Kong Chinese 1992/1993
26 0 A prospective randomized controlled trial to compare the efficacy of intrauterine insemination after overian stimulationy versus ovarian stimulation alone in the management of unexpained subfertility and male subfertility 1992/1993
27 0 Urinary human hCG [beta]-core fragment level in gynaecological cancers, mole and gestational trophoblastic neoplasia 1989/1990
28 0 Study on the production of immunosuppressive factors by human embryos fertilized in vitro 1987/1988
Principal Investigator
Project Code Amount Title Funding Year
1 HKU 784413M 848712 MicroRNA-135a transforms normal HPV infected cervical cells into cancer cells and cells with cancer stem cell-like properties 2013/2014
2 HKU 783910M 1032012 Role of microRNA let-7 in implantation of mouse blastocysts 2010/2011
3 HKU 782209M 944700 Characterization of Stem/Progenitor Cells in Human Endometriosis 2009/2010
4 HKU 780308M 649765 A study on glycodelin-A induced differentiation of trophoblast cells 2008/2009
5 HKU 7647/06M 1279500 The mechanism of action of a novel glycodelin isoform from cumulus matrix on stimulating spermatozoa-zona pellucida binding 2006/2007
6 HKU 7319/01M 732600 Characterization of a human oviductal embryotrophic factor that enhances embryo hatching 2001/2002
7 HKU 7188/99M 709500 A study on the spermatozoa-zona pellucida binding inhibitory glycoproteins of human follicular fluid 1999/2000
8 HKU 7333/97M 686880 Effects of oviductal cells coculture on the gene expression in preimplantation embryos 1997/1998
9 HKU 241/95M 310000 Purification and characterization of embryotrophic factor from human oviductal cells 1995/1996
10 0 Clinical trial to study the efficacy of oviductal cell conditioned medium in improving the fertiliation rate and subsequent embryo development in human in vitro fertilization program 1993/1994
11 15000 Metabolism of glucose, pyruvate, lactate and oxygen by human oviductal cells in vitro 1992/1993
12 15000 Metabolism of glucose, pyruvate, lactate and oxygen by human oviductal cells in vitro 1992/1993
13 HKU 39/91 250000 Role of oviductal cells in the development of preimplantation embryo 1991/1992
14 0 A study on the improvement of the successful rate in in vitro fertilization/embryo transfer 1989/1990



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