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HKU ResearcherPage: Yeung, KWK
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Dr Yeung, Kelvin Wai Kwok
  • Assistant Professor
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  • 2255 3825
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Dr. Yeung's major research areas cover from the development of metallic and polymeric orthopaedic biomaterials, to bone implant design and development as well as musculoskeletal tissue engineering. For instance, Dr. Yeung has modified the mechanical and biological properties of nickel titanium shape memory alloy for spinal deformity correction by his patented technologies.  A small-scale randomized human clinical trial has been done in 23 patients with the use of these modified shape memory implants and the conventional.  Superior clinical outcome in sagittal plane control has been achieved in the group with new implant as compared with the control.  Another example is the use of metallic ions for bone regeneration.  Dr. Yeung and his group have found that specific amount of magnesium ions can significantly promote new bone formation.  Therefore, his team has been endeavoring to develop a new drug delivery device to precisely control the release of magnesium ions inside human body in which its application aims at preventing osteoporotic bone fracture in elderly.  Further examples include antimicrobial surfaces on implantable biometals, bioactive polymeric materials for bone substitution and engineered biomimetic scaffolds for tendon regeneration. Moreover, the technology components developed in these examples are also transferrable to other medical applications such as cardiovascular stents and dental implants.


His strengths and contributions are in his ability to publish papers and to obtain prizes and competitive grants.  He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed SCI journal papers at the top-journals of the field, more than 180 conference abstracts and papers at international and local professional conferences together with 36 filed and granted patents in various countries. His h-index is 20 and total citations are more than 1,400 shown in Google Scholar. The total amount of grants and sponsors directly arising from his projects in PI capacity is over HK$9.7M.  Furthermore, he obtained 18 prizes and awards from local and international competitions and conferences including Young Scientist Award in 2005 and Young Engineer Award in 2009, respectively.  Additionally, the components of technologies developed in these research projects have also presented tremendous commercial value in addition to scientific merits.  His research projects have been successful in obtaining about HK$3M from the competitive grants offered by HK Innovation Technology Fund, industry and international orthopaedic research organizations in terms of cash and in-kind supports from.  These evidences demonstrate the strength of his ability to secure such major grants. 


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