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Name Card
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Professor Lo, Sai Huen 羅世煊


Teaching List, Current
2014 S1CIVL30011AAdvanced engineering mechanics
2013 S1CIVL60261AFinite element method
2014 S2CIVL80312AAdvanced finite element techniques
2014 S1CIVL60261AFinite element method
2013 S2CIVL2001FLEngineering design and communication
2013 S1CIVL30011AAdvanced engineering mechanics
2013 S1CIVL2001FKEngineering design and communication
2013 S2CIVL2001FKEngineering design and communication
2014 S1CIVL31011AAdvanced Engineering Mechanics
2013 S1CIVL6001FAProject
2013 S1CIVL2001FLEngineering design and communication
2013 S2CIVL60022AAdvanced finite elements
2015-16 Semester 1CIVL60261AFinite element method
2015-16 Semester 2CIVL30012AAdvanced engineering mechanics
2015-16 Semester 2CIVL31012AAdvanced Engineering Mechanics
2015-16 Semester 2CIVL60022AAdvanced finite elements
2016-17 Semester 2CIVL21122AStructural Analysis
2016-17 Semester 2CIVL21122BStructural Analysis
2016-17 Semester 2CIVL21122CStructural Analysis
2016-17 Semester 2CIVL21122DStructural Analysis
2016-17 Semester 2CIVL21122EStructural Analysis
2016-17 Semester 2CIVL21122FStructural Analysis
2016-17 Semester 2CIVL21122GStructural Analysis
2016-17 Semester 2CIVL21122HStructural Analysis
2016-17 Semester 2CIVL31012AAdvanced Engineering Mechanics
2016-17 Semester 2CIVL60262AFinite element method
2017-18 Semester 1CIVL21071ATheory and Design of Structures II
2017-18 Semester 1CIVL60261AFinite element method
2017-18 Semester 2CIVL31012AAdvanced Engineering Mechanics
Supervision of Research Postgraduate Students
StatusThesis TitleField of StudyStudent
Dynamic Analysis of Coupled Structure Foundation System by the Finite Element MethodStructural Engineering2008 MPhil
Chu Juhui
Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment: Direct Amplitude-Based ApproachStructural Engineering2003 Phd
Tsang Hing Ho
Theoretical Study of Hybrid Masonry - RC Structure Behaviour under Lateral Earthquake LoadingStructural Engineering2010 MPhil
Ouyang Yi
Nonlinear analysis of concrete columns under non-uniform and anisotropic confinementStructural Engineering2012 Phd
Ouyang Yi
Convolutional Perfectly Matched Layers for Finite Element Modeling of Wave Propagation in Unbounded DomainsStructural Engineering2010 Phd
Xu Boqing
Earthquake Protection of Low-to-Medium-Rise Buildings using Rubber-Soil MixturesStructural Engineering2007 MPhil
Xu Xuan
New Partial Interaction Models for Bolted-Side-Plated Reinforced Concrete BeamsStructural Engineering2009 Phd
Li Lingzhi
Three-dimensional Vibration Analysis of Structural Elements Using Chebyshev-Ritz MethodStructural Dynamics2001 Phd
Zhou Ding
Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Reinforced Concrete BeamsStructural Engineering2010 MPhil
Yao Zhong
Structural Engineering2015 MPhil
Chan Jake Lok-yan
Traffic and Transportation Engineering2015 Phd
Cheng Yiran
Structural Engineering2017 Phd
Wu Zhuoya
HKU Committee Appointments
Start DateEnd DateCommitteeCategoryBody
1992-07-011994-06-30Discontinuation, Committee on1 member from each Faculty (Engineering) from a panel of three in order of precedence for a period of 2 years, renewable up to a maximum of 4 consecutive yearsEngineering Faculty Board
1994-07-012016-06-30Faculty of Engineering, Board of theThe teachers who are members of the Faculty and who are full-time employees of the University
1988-01-011994-06-30Faculty of Engineering, Board of theLecturers in Faculty
2014-07-012016-06-30Information Technology Advisory CommitteeThe Chairmen of Faculty Information Technology Committees
2016-07-01Faculty of Engineering, Board of theThe teachers who are members of the Faculty and who are full-time employees of the University
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