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HKU ResearcherPage: Li, XY
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Professor Li, Xiao-yan
  • Professor
Principal Investigator
Project Code Amount Title Funding Year
1 17204914 500000 An innovative membrane bioreactor (MBR) process with iron dosing for phosphorus removal and recovery during biological wastewater treatment 2014/2015
2 HKU 714112E 500000 Composite MoS2/Me/TiO2 Catalyst Film as a Visible Light-driven Photoelectrode for (MEC) Concurrent Hydrogen Generation and Waste Organic Degradation 2012/2013
3 ECF Project 09/2011 1058500 Dosing of ferric iron for the control of odour problems in typhoon shelters 2011/2012
4 HKU 714811E 771000 Investigation of continuous shape change and mass transport of biological flocs in water using laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) and particle image velocimetry (PIV) 2011/2012
5 1200000 Consultancy Services for Study on Characteristics and Formation Mechanisms of Solid Deposition and Marine Growth within Salt Water Mains in Hong Kong and Recommendation of Minimization Methods 2008/2009
6 1200000 Study on Characteristics and Formation Mechanisms of Solid Deposition and Marine Growth within Salt Water Mains in Hong Kong and Recommendation of Minimization Methods 2008/2009
7 HKU 714407E 784800 Hydrodynamic property and breakage behavior of fractal aggregates and microbial flocs in water: theoretical modeling, CFD simulation and PIV investigation 2007/2008
8 13500 Water quality analysis and assessment for two natural water samples 2006/2007
9 HKU 7149/06E 604000 Contribution of wastewater discharge to the formation of disinfection by-products in drinking water: characterization and treatment 2006/2007
10 350000 Study on Characteristics of the Sewage and Soil 2006/2007
11 AoE/P-04 425000 Centre for Marine Environmental Research and Innovative Technology 2004/2005
12 N_HKU 737/04 694941 Sludge granulation in biological wastewater treatment: technology, mechanism and characterization 2004/2005
13 HKU 7114/04E 471241 Role of loosely-bound extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) in bioflocculation of activated sludge 2004/2005
14 HKU 7120/03E 860226 Nutrient transformations during the decay of settled algae in the ephemeral sediment after algal blooms 2003/2004
15 70000 Effectiveness of WPC and WPF for wastewater treatment 2001/2002
16 HKU 7008/01E 876198 Electrochemical disinfection of saline sewage effluent: mechanisms and pilot study 2001/2002
17 150000 Trihalomethane formation potentials of Macao water supply contaminated by seawater and organic matter 2000/2001
18 HKU 7100/99E 637000 Role of microbial growth in the structure and behaviour of biological aggregates 1999/2000
19 HKU 7327/98E 630000 Coagulation of screened sewage particulates from marine outfall discharges 1998/1999
20 HKU 7010/97E 360000 Coagulation of microbial aggregates with small particles in aquatic systems 1997/1998



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