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HKU ResearcherPage: Lau, FCM
rp00221.jpg picture
Professor Lau, Francis Chi Moon
  • Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering
  • Professor
Principal Investigator
Project Code Amount Title Funding Year
1 HKU 716612E 692000 CARISMA: a Context-sensitive Approach to Race-condItion test case Selection for Multithreaded software Applications 2012/2013
2 HKU 714311E 454130 Distributed Data Queries in Wireless Sensor Networks under the Physical Interference Model 2011/2012
3 HKU 714009E 455936 Throughput-Optimal Wireless Link Scheduling under the Physical Interference Model 2009/2010
4 HKU 713708E 358660 Nature-Inspired Particle Mechanics Algorithm 2008/2009
5 SEG_HKU09 7500000 HKU Grid Point for Systems Research and Applications in Multiple Disciplines 2008/2009
6 HKU 713607E 390720 High-Performance Wireless Link Scheduling with Topology Control using Non-Linear Power Assignment 2007/2008
7 HKU 7141/06E 663552 Memory management strategies to improve garbage collectors 2006/2007
8 HKU 7145/05E 359224 Intelligent Systems for Painting and Calligraphy 2005/2006
9 20700303 25000 UGC-Matching Grant Scheme (2nd Phase)-Process Migration and Runtime Scheduling for Parallel Tasks in Computational Grids 2005/2006
10 HKU 7140/04E 339414 A holistic approach to structured web document viewing in small devices 2004/2005
11 20214200 81506 HP mobile technology for teaching initiative 2004/2005
12 HKU 7519/03E 586676 Content adaptation for mobile computing 2003/2004
13 HKU 7379/02E 413404 Fast gossiping for mesh-connected parallel computers 2002/2003
14 ITS/101/01 9539000 Establishment of an ebXML software infrastructure in Hong Kong 2001/2002
15 HKU 7034/99E 405000 On the efficiency and practicability of interval routing 1999/2000
16 HKU 7028/98E 380000 Fast algorithms for information dissemination in parallel computers 1998/1999
17 HKU 7025/97E 360000 Dynamic load balancing using preemptive process migration in a network of workstations 1997/1998
18 HKU 545/96E 416000 Load balancing in multicomputers 1996/1997
19 HKU 289/93E 266000 A study of load balancing and communication balancing in multicomputers 1993/1994
20 27000 Evaluation of transputer for the support of UNIX 1987/1988



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