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Professor Wang, Min 王敏


Teaching List, Current
2013 S1MEDE30031ABiomaterials II
2013 S1MECH24191AProperties of materials
2013 S1MECH30141AMaterials for engineering applications
2013 S2ENGG12062BIntroduction to biomedical engineering
2014 S1MECH24191AProperties of materials
2014 S2ENGG12062BIntroduction to biomedical engineering
2014 S2MEDE3002FAMedical engineering final year project
2013 S1MEDE22021ABiomaterials I
2014 S2MECH60392ABiomaterials and tissue engineering
2014 S2MEDE4010FA(4) Final year project
2014 S1MEDE36001ABiomaterials science and engineering
2014 S1MEDE30031ABiomaterials II
2014 S1ENGG12061AIntroduction to biomedical engineering
2014 S1MEDE3002FAMedical engineering final year project
2014 S1MEDE4010FAFinal year project
2013 S2MEDE3002FAMedical engineering final year project
2014 S2MECH60392BBiomaterials and tissue engineering
2013 S1ENGG12061AIntroduction to biomedical engineering
2013 S1MEDE3002FAMedical engineering final year project
2013 S1MEDE36001ABiomaterials I
2015-16 Semester 1ENGG12061AIntroduction to biomedical engineering
2015-16 Semester 1MEDE36001ABiomaterials science and engineering
2015-16 Semester 1MEDE4010FAFinal year project
2015-16 Semester 1MEDE46051ABiomaterials design and applications
2015-16 Semester 2ENGG12062BIntroduction to biomedical engineering
2015-16 Semester 2MEDE4010FA(4) Final year project
Supervision of Research Postgraduate Students
StatusThesis TitleField of StudyStudent
Fiber Based Interference Lithography for Large-Area NanopatterningMEMS and Nanotechnology2013 MPhil
Qu Tuo
Nanotechnology2014 Phd
Zhang Cuiping
Formation and Evaluation of Electrospun Bicomponent Fibrous Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery ApplicationsNanomaterials for Bio-mechanics2006 MPhil
Kang Jiachen
Electrospun Multicomponent and Multifunctional Nanofibrous Tissue Engineering Scaffolds - Fabrication, Characteristics and Biological PerformanceBiomaterials Science and Engineering2009 Phd
Wang Chong
Biomaterials Science and Engineering2012 Phd
Guan Qingwen
Developing Bioactive and Biodegradable Composites for Bone Tissue RepairBiomaterial Science & Engineering2003 Phd
Liu Ya
Novel Theranostics Based on Hybrid Nanoparticles for Early Cancer Detection and TreatmentBiomaterials Science and Engineering2009 Phd
Li Siyue
Surface Modification of Titanium Metals for Medical ApplicationsBiomaterials2006 Phd
Sun Tao
Advanced Cell-laden Nanofibrous Scaffolds for the Regeneration of Complex Human TissuesBiomaterials and Tissue Engineering2012 Phd
Zhao Qilong
Novel Fibrous Scaffolds with Dual Growth Factor Delivery and Non-viral Gene Delivery for Neural Tissue EngineeringBiomaterials2011 Phd
Liu Chaoyu
Electrospinning of Ultrafine Fibers and its Application in Forming Fibrous Tissue Engineering ScaffoldsBiomedical Engineering2006 Phd
Tong Ho Wang
Developing Calcium Phosphate/ Poly(hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate) Nanocomposite Scaffolds via Selective Laser Sintering for Bone Tissue EngineeringBiomedical Engineering2006 Phd
Duan Bin
Biomaterials science and engineering2014 Phd
Guo Lin
Selective Laser Sintering of Poly(L-Lactide)/Carbonated Hydroxyapatite Porous Scaffolds for Bone Tissue EngineeringPolymer Science2003 Phd
Zhou Wenyou
Biomedical Materials2013 Phd
Zhou Yu
Functional Coatings on Ti-6Al-4V and NiTi Shape Memory Alloy for Medical ApplicationsBiomaterials2009 MPhil
Lee Wing Cheung
Fabrication of PHBV and PHBV-based Composite Tissue Engineering Scaffolds through the Emulsion Freezing / Freeze-drying Process and Evaluation of the ScaffoldsMedical Engineering2006 Phd
Sultana Naznin
Biomaterials Science and Engineering2015 Phd
Sun Haoran
HKU Committee Appointments
Start DateEnd DateCommitteeCategoryBody
2008-08-01Faculty of Engineering, Board of theThe teachers who are members of the Faculty and who are full-time employees of the University
2003-06-232006-06-22Faculty of Engineering, Board of theLecturers in Faculty
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