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    HKU ResearcherPage: Pun, KH
    rp00164.jpg picture
    Dr Pun, Kwok Hung
    • Associate Professor
    Publication list (Conference Papers)
    Results 1-19 of 19
    Shooting the Messenger? ISPs & Intermediaries caught in the CrossfireCheung, ASY; Pun, KH200993
    A hybrid approach for authenticating MPEG-2 streaming dataWang, M; Li, N; Yiu, SM; Hui, LCK; Chong, CF; Chow, KP; Tsang, WW; Chan, HW; Pun, KH2007129
    BTM—An Automated Rule-Based BT Monitoring System for Piracy DetectionChow, KP; Cheng, KY; Man, LY; Lai, KY; Hui, CK; Chong, CF; Pun, KH; Tsang, WW; Chan, HW; Yiu, SM2007132
    BTM - An automated rule-based BT monitoring system for piracy detectionChow, KP; Cheng, KY; Man, LY; Lai, PKY; Hui, LCK; Chong, CF; Pun, KH; Tsang, WW; Chan, HW; Yiu, SM200788
    An improved authenticated key agreement protocol with perfect forward secrecy for wireless mobile communicationSui, AF; Hui, LCK; Yiu, SM; Chow, KP; Tsang, WW; Chong, CF; Pun, KH; Chan, HW200588
    A face recognition embedded systemPun, KH; Moon, YS; Tsang, CC; Chow, CT; Chan, SM2005133
    A comprehensive and real-time fingerprint verification system for embedded devicesYeung, HW; Moon, YS; Chen, JS; Chan, F; Ng, YM; Chung, HS; Pun, KH200592
    Digital evidence search kitChow, KP; Chong, CF; Lai, KY; Hui, LCK; Pun, KH; Tsang, WW; Chan, HW2005288
    A face authentication system for mobile devices: Optimization techniquesPun, KH; Moon, YS; Chen, JS; Yeung, HW200588
    Separable and anonymous identity-based key issuingSui, AF; Chow, SSM; Hui, LCK; Yiu, SM; Chow, KP; Tsang, WW; Chong, CF; Pun, KH; Chan, HW2005279
    IDR: An intrusion detection router for defending against Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacksChan, EYK; Chan, HW; Chan, KM; Chan, VPS; Chanson, ST; Cheung, MMH; Chong, CF; Chow, KP; Hui, AKT; Hui, LCK; Lam, LCK; Lau, WC; Pun, KKH; Tsang, AYF; Tsang, WW; Tso, SCW; Yeung, DY; Yu, KY2004107
    Recent advances in ear biometricsPun, KH; Moon, YS200481
    Delegation of Signing and Decryption Rights using PKI Proxy MemoCheung, LS; Hui, CK; Yiu, SM; Chow, KP; Pun, KH; Tsang, WW; Chan, HW; Chong, CF2004131
    Cross-Referencing for Bilingual Electronic Legal Documents in HKLIIPun, KH; Chan, YK; Chow, KP; Hui, CK; Tsang, WW; Chong, CF; Chan, HW; Ma, SK2004118
    Risk management of corporate confidential information in digital formHui, L; Chow, KP; Pun, KH; Yiu, SM; Tsang, WW; Chong, CF; Chan, HW200475
    Processing Legal Documents in the Chinese-Speaking World: the Experience of HKLIIPun, KH; Ip, SK; Chong, CF; Chan, VPS; Chow, KP; Hui, CK; Tsang, WW; Chan, HW2003109
    Design of a Cyber Forensic ToolHui, CK; Chow, KP; Pun, KH; Tsang, WW; Chan, HW; Chong, CF200296
    International Protection of Integrated CircuitsPun, KH200187



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