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    HKU ResearcherPage: Ng, TST
    rp00158.jpg picture
    Professor Ng, Thomas Shiu Tong
    • Professor
    Publication list (Conference Papers)
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    Result pages: 1
    LCA modelling for building construction processes
    Proceedings: Sustainable Building 2013 Hong Kong Regional Conference Urban Density & Sustainability (SB13-HK), September 12-13, Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East Hotel, Hong Kong
    DONG, Y; Ng, TST201347
    BIMatizing prefabrication housing construction in Hong Kong: Contexts, frameworks, and challenges ahead
    the First International Conference on Civil and Building Engineering Informatics (ICCBEI),7-8th Nov 2013, Tokyo, Japan
    Lu, W; Huang, GQ; Ng, TST; Shen, QP; Gao, Y201331
    Design solutions to reduce the carbon emissions of existing residential buildings in Hong Kong
    Proceedings: 7th International Structural Engineering and Construction Conference (ISEC-7) – New Developments in Structural Engineering and Construction, June 18-23, Honolulu, Hawaii,
    Ng, TST; Kwan, PY201354
    Construction stakeholders’ perception towards carbon trading schemes
    Proceedings: 3rd International Conference on Central Europe towards Sustainable Building – Sustainable Building and Refurbishment for Next Generations (CESB13), June 26-28, Prague, Czech Republic
    Ng, TST; Luk, WLH201330
    Life cycle assessment of precast concrete units
    Proceedings: International Conference on Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, March 28-29, Madrid, Spain
    World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology Press.
    DONG, Y; Wong, CTC; Ng, TST; Wong, JMW201357
    Application of relationally integrated value networks in the implementation of BIM for better life cycle considerations of buildings
    Proceedings: CIB World Building Congress 2013 (CIB-WBC2013), May 5-9, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Australia
    REN, A; Kumaraswamy, MM; WONG, KWK; Ng, TST201349
    A framework to establish suitable sustainable refurbishment strategies for residential buildings
    Proceedings: International Conference on Implementing Sustainability – Barriers and Chances (SB13 Munich), April 24-26, Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Munich, Germany
    Ng, TST; Ai, EXF201352
    Is labelling the way forward to delineate green construction materials?
    Proceedings: The HKIE Environmental Division Annual Seminar 2013: Green Building and Construction Materials – Challenges for Innovation and Excellence, March 22, The Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong
    The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.
    Ng, TST; Chan, HL201357
    Selection of financial performance indicators for construction companies in Hong Kong by factor analysis
    Proceedings of the 2nd Annual International Conference on Construction, AICC2012
    Athens Institute for Education and Research.
    Tsang, YT; Ng, TST; Lam, KC201294
    The contribution and effectiveness of carbon footprint evaluation in building environmental assessment tools in Hong Kong
    Proceedings of the 38th IAHS World Congress on Housing Sciences
    Chen, Y; Ng, TST2012142
    Pragmatic measures to encourage contractors contributing towards emission reduction
    Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Building Sustainability Assessment, BSA 2012
    Ng, ST; Kwok, CTS201267
    A multi-objective optimization model for sustainable building design using genetic algorithms and fuzzy set theory
    Proceedings of the joint CIB International Conference: Management of Construction: Research to Practice
    Wu, H; Ng, TST201276
    Potentials and barriers of establishing a carbon labelling system for the construction industry
    International Structural Engineering and Construction Conference
    Ng, TST; Wong, JMW; Chen, KY2011145
    A carbon footprint assessment framework for glass in building
    IBEA Conference 2011 Proceedings
    Wong, JMW; Ng, TST201191
    Towards low carbon housing development: carbon emission estimation
    Conference on Green Quality Management: Striving for lean and low carbon culture
    Ho, WI; Wong, JMW; Ng, TST2011125
    Concerns of the society on new mega infrastructure and construction projects in Hong Kong
    Proceedings of the 27th Annual ARCOM Conference, 2011
    Ng, ST; Hon, WCW201182
    The desire for the construction industry to move towards lifecycle carbon emissions analysis
    Proceedings of the 6th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation
    Danish Building Research Institute, Aalborg University.
    Ng, TST; Veronika, A; Skitmore, M2011194
    A study on the composition of construction logistics costs
    Proceedings of the RICS COBRA 2010 Conference
    Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).
    Fang, Y; Ng, TST2010225
    A multiple regression model for predicting the volume of public works in Hong Kong
    Proceedings of the CIB 2010 World Congress
    Ng, TST; Liu, Q2010110
    The features of existing building environmental assessment methods in carbon emission analysis
    Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Construction in Developing Countries
    Chen, Y; Ng, TST; Wong, JMW2010249
    Result pages: 1



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