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    HKU ResearcherPage: Huang, L
    rp00119.jpg picture
    Professor Huang, Lixi
    • Professor
    Publication list (Articles)
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    Result pages: 1
    Point vortex model for prediction of sound generated by a wing with flap interacting with a passing vortexManela, A; Huang, L201340
    Modal analysis of cantilever plate flutterHuang, L; ZHANG, C201339
    Effects of secondary loudspeaker properties on broadband feedforward active duct noise controlChan, YJ; Huang, L; Lam, J201363
    Time-domain simulation of acoustic wave propagation and interaction with flexible structures using Chebyshev collocation methodWang, C; Huang, L2012167
    Noise suppression of a dipole source by tensioned membrane with side-branch cavitiesLiu, Y; Choy, YS; Huang, L; Cheng, L201296
    Flow oscillation-a measure to predict the surgery outcome for obstructed sleep apnea (OSA) subjectLiu, Y; Ye, J; Liu, Z; Huang, L; Luo, H; Li, Y2012119
    Investigation of a broadband duct noise control system inspired by the middle ear mechanismWang, C; Huang, L2012216
    On the acoustic properties of parallel arrangement of multiple micro-perforated panel absorbers with different cavity depthsWang, C; Huang, L2011193
    Passive control of combustion instability through an acoustic valveHuang, LX; Aimee, MS2010213
    Suppression of broadband noise radiated by a low-speed fan in a ductHuang, L; Ma, X; Feng, LG2010180
    Attenuation of low frequency duct noise by a flute-like silencerHuang, L2009141
    Multiple drumlike silencer for low frequency duct noise reflectionChoy, YS; Huang, L2009106
    Experimental study and control of noise from a window-type ventilation fanHuango, J; Ma, X; Huang, L2009223
    Sound propagation in and low frequency noise absorption by helium-filled porous materialChoy, YS; Huang, L; Wang, C2009251
    Realization of a broadband low-frequency plate silencer using sandwich platesWang, C; Cheng, L; Huang, L2008163
    Analysis of absorption and reflection mechanisms in a three-dimensional plate silencerWang, C; Huang, L2008159
    Membrane covered duct lining for high-frequency noise attenuation: Prediction using a Chebyshev collocation methodHuang, L200879
    An experimental study of flow induced vibration on a tensioned membraneChoy, YS; Huang, J; Huang, L; Zhou, Y2007144
    Optimization of a clamped plate silencerWang, C; Han, J; Huang, L2007415
    A computational study of the interaction noise from a small axial-flow fanLu, HZ; Huang, L; So, RMC; Wang, J2007313
    Result pages: 1



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