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HKU ResearcherPage: Fang, HHP
rp00115.jpg picture
Professor Fang, Herbert Han Ping
  • Professor: Chair of Environmental Engineering
  • Professor
Principal Investigator
Project Code Amount Title Funding Year
1 HKU 712210E 1060626 Autotrophic denitrification in bioremediation of marine sediment and its effects on metal speciation and toxicity 2010/2011
2 HKU 712509E 744288 Biohydrogen production from cellulose-containing wastewater 2009/2010
3 SEG_HKU10 2850000 Environmental Bio-Nano Interface (EBNI) Characterization System 2008/2009
4 HKU 712208E 448756 Bioremediation of contaminated marine sediment by denitrification 2008/2009
5 HKU 7129/05E 543164 Immobilization of acidogenic biomass for hydrogen production from wastewater 2005/2006
6 HKU 7106/04E 880238 Photo-biohydrogen production from acidified wastewater 2004/2005
7 HKU 7107/03E 324000 Biodegradation of endocrine disrupters in landfill leachate 2003/2004
8 HKU 7007/02E 701404 Production of hydrogen from wastewater by an acidification process 2002/2003
9 HKU 7004/00E 1001817 Biofilm corrosion of metals in polluted seawater 2000/2001
10 HKU 7098/99E 569000 An effective combined treatment process for landfill leachate 1999/2000
11 706180 (a) Applications of advanced DNA/RNA-technique in wastewater treatment; (b) Pollution-induced microbial corrosion of metals and concrete 1999/2000
12 HKU 7004/98E 905000 Anaerobic treatment of refractory/toxic pollutants in two-stage reactors 1998/1999
13 HKU 271/95E 691000 Sludge granulation in anaerobic wastewater treatment 1995/1996
14 HKU 279/93E 467000 Interactions between sulfate reduction and methanogenesis in anaerobic treatment of aromatic industrial pollutants 1993/1994
15 HKU 282/92E 287000 Bio-degradation of aromatic pollutants under anaerobic conditions 1992/1993
16 HKU 46/91 270000 Removal of phosphorus in wastewater using a new biological process 1991/1992
17 HKU 27/90 280000 Study of a novel biological wastewater treatment technology using fibrous support media 1990/1991
18 419400 Removal of organic pollutants and nutrients from industrial wastewater using anaerobic processes 1989/1990
19 0 Effects of acid rain on construction materials 1988/1989
20 0 Biological treatment of wastewater using submerged media 1988/1989
21 0 Nitrification-denitrification using sequencing batch process 1988/1989



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