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Name Card
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Dr Choi, Shiu Hong 蔡小康

Associate Professor

Teaching List, Current
2013 S1IMSE30191ADigital enterprises and e-commerce
2014 S2IMSE10122AEngineering technology
2014 S2IMSE21122AEngineering technology
2013 S2IMSE21122AEngineering technology
2014 S1IMSE41191ADigital enterprises and e-commerce
2013 S1IMSE41191ADigital enterprises and e-commerce
2014 S1IELM60471ADigital enterprises
2014 S1IMSE30191ADigital enterprises and e-commerce
2013 S2IMSE10122AEngineering technology
2015-16 Semester 1IELM70131ADigital enterprises and e-commerce
2015-16 Semester 1IMSE41191ADigital enterprises and e-commerce
2015-16 Semester 2IMSE21122AEngineering technology
2015-16 Semester 2IMSE41012AComputer integrated manufacturing
2016-17 Semester 1ENGG12041AIndustrial Management and logistics
2016-17 Semester 1IELM70131ADigital enterprises and e-commerce
2016-17 Semester 1IMSE41191ADigital enterprises and e-commerce
2016-17 Semester 2ENGG12042BIndustrial Management and logistics
2016-17 Semester 2IMSE41012AComputer integrated manufacturing
Supervision of Research Postgraduate Students
StatusThesis TitleField of StudyStudent
A Virtual Prototyping System with Reconfigurable Manipulators for Layered ManufacturingAdvanced Manufacturing Systems, CAD/CAM2009 MPhil
Cai Yi
An integrated system for virtual simulation and visualization of rapid prototypingRapid Prototyping1999 MPhil
Chan Mei Mei
An RFID-Based Track-and-Trace Anti-Counterfeiting SystemCAD/CAM2005 MPhil
Poon Chun Hin
Performance Optimisation of Mobile Robots in Dynamic EnvironmentsCAD/CAM2009 Phd
Zhu Wenkai
Stochastic Production Planning for Shareholder Wealth MaximisationManufacturing Systems Design2010 Phd
Wang Xiaojun
A Hand Input-based Approach to Intuitive Human-Computer Interactions in Virtual RealityManufacturing Systems Design2008 MPhil
Yang Xibei
A Multi-Material Virtual Prototyping SystemRapid Prototyping2002 MPhil
Cheung Hoi Hoi
Supply Chain Management2014 Phd
Yu Ying
A Full-immersive CAVE-based VR simulation system of forklift truck operationsVirtual Reality2008 MPhil
Yuen Ka Kei
Implementation Issues in RFID-based Track-and-Trace Anti-counterfeitingRFID-based Anti-counterfeiting 2012 MPhil
Yang Bo
Cellular foams with centralized density for improving resistance to indentation and impactCAD/CAM2013 MPhil
Zhang Shaosong
Advanced Manufacturing Systems / System Optimization2014 Phd
Zhao Yuchen
A Versatile Multi-Material Virtual Prototyping SystemCADCAM/Rapid Prototyping2004 Phd
Cheung Hoi Hoi
Decomposition-Based Scheduling in Flexible Flow Shops under UncertaintiesLogistics and Supply Chain Management2006 Phd
Wang Kai
Concurrent Toolpath Planning for Multi-Material Layered ManufacturingCAD / CAM2007 MPhil
Zhu Wenkai
Item-level RFID-based Customer Shopping Experience EnhancementRFID and Advanced Manufacturing Systems2012 MPhil
Yang Yaxing
Multi-agent based beam search for intelligent production planning and schedulingManufacturing Systems Design2003 Phd
Kang Shugang
Advanced and Manufacturing Systems Engineering2015 Phd
Qiao Ao
RFID / Advanced Manufacturing Systems2016 Phd
Wang Shuyi
HKU Committee Appointments
Start DateEnd DateCommitteeCategoryBody
2000-07-012002-06-30University Engineering Advisory CommitteeMembers of the Engineering Curriculum Review and Development Committee of the Board of the Fac of Engineering (ie the Chairman, being the Associate Dean of the Fac of Eng, the Heads of Dept and 1 member appointed by each Head of Dept of the Fac of Eng).
1986-09-15Faculty of Engineering, Board of theThe teachers who are members of the Faculty and who are full-time employees of the University
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