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    HKU ResearcherPage: Watt, RM
    rp00043.jpg picture
    Dr Watt, Rory Munro
    • Assistant Professor
    Publication list (Conference Papers)
    Results 1-20 of 36
    Result pages: 1
    Biochemical and biological activities of a phage-derived DNA exonuclease and partnering single strand annealing protein (SSAP) from an oral NeisseraiceaeXIE, S; Chen, W; Watt, RM201322
    Periodontal and peri-implant microbiota in patients with both healthy and inflamed peri-implant tissuesZHUANG, L; Lang, NP; Mattheos, N; Si, M; Lai, HC; Watt, RM201313
    PBL2.0: Infusing education technologies for synchronous blended inquiryBridges, SM; Yiu, CKY; Botelho, MG; Lo, ECM; Tsang, PCS; Watt, RM; Yang, Y; Wong, JW201317
    Functional characterization of YqaJ exonuclease and cognate RecT DNA recombination proteins from Kingella oralisXIE, S; Chen, W; Watt, RM201320
    Comparative biochemical dissection of exopolyphosphatase proteins involved in bacterial polyphosphate metabolismLU, B; Watt, RM20136
    The selection of DNA aptamers against an oral treponeme cell surface proteinyou, M; GAO, W; Tanner, JA; Leung, WK; Watt, RM201311
    Subgingival microbiota related to pocket probing depth in Sri-Lankan tea-laborersZhuang, L; Watt, RM; Wang, R; Lang-Hua, BH; Ramseier, CA; Lang, NP201335
    Treponeme major surface protein (msp) genotypes associated with periodontitisWatt, RM; You, M; Leung, WK201342
    Dissecting the mechanism of how Mycobacterium tuberculosis polyphosphate kinase 2 binds to polyphosphateAO, KL; Wong, S; SHUM, KT; Watt, RM; Tanner, JA201329
    Development of versatile expression vectors for biological and biotechnological applications in the ethanologenic bacterium <i>Zymomonas mobilis</i>So, LY; Watt, RM201239
    Microbiological characteristics of Sri Lankan tea-laborers without oral hygiene performanceZHUANG, L; Watt, RM; Wang, R; LANG-HUA, BH; Steiner, S; Ramseier, CA; Lang, NP201227
    Phylogenetic Relationships Between Treponema putidum and Treponema denticola IsolatesMo, S; You, M; Gao, W; Huo, Y; Leung, WK; Watt, RM201267
    Oral treponeme phylotypes associated with periodontal health and diseasLeung, WK; You, M; Mo, S; Watt, RM201246
    Diversity of Treponema and Synergistetes phylotypes in equine subgingival plaqueGAO, W; YOU, M; Lang, NP; Leung, WK; Watt, RM201224
    Characterization and mutational analysis of an exopolyphosphatase from Mycobacterium smegmatisChoi, MY; Wong, LLY; Tanner, JA; Watt, RM2011132
    Clinical profile of Msp genes in oral treponemesYou, M; Mo, S; Watt, RM; Leung, WK201122
    Biochemical characterization of Gppa-ppx homologues from Mycobacterium tuberculosisChoi, MY; Wong, LY; Wang, Y; Chen, W; Tanner, JA; Watt, RM2011143
    Bacterial quorum sensors cross communicate with Candida during biofilm developmentBandara, H; Watt, RM; Jin, L; Samaranayake, L2011158
    Bacterial lipopolysaccharide modifies Candida albicans biofilm development at transcriptional levelBandara, HMHN; Cheung, BPK; Watt, RM; Jin, LJ; Samaranayake, LP2011134
    Associations between treponeme bacteria phylogroups and periodontal diseaseLeung, WK; Mo, S; You, M; Watt, R2011111
    Result pages: 1



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