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HKU ResearcherPage: Samaranayake, LP
rp00023.jpg picture
Professor Samaranayake, Lakshman Perera
  • Honorary Professor
  • King James IV Professor I Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, UK
Project Code Amount Title Funding Year
1 HKU 760413M 698282 Evaluating Biomimetic Qualities of a Modified Glass Ionomer Cement 2013/2014
2 12111292 743520 Perturbation of pH homeostasis: a comparative study on the inhibitory effect of purpurin on membrane-bound ATPases in Candida albicans 2012/2013
3 12110752 965360 Mechanism of Antifungal Resistance in Candida Persisters: Roadmap to Unravel Biofilm Resistance? 2012/2013
4 12111422 935360 Novel antifungal small molecule for multi-drug resistant Candida: anti-biofilm activity, in vivo efficacy and cellular targets 2012/2013
5 HKU 774012M 685165 A randomized clinical trial on the effect of powered toothbrushing and an antimicrobial mouth rinse on dental plaque, pathogenic microorganisms and health of stroke survivors during rehabilitation. 2012/2013
6 12111492 80000 Identification of antifungal molecules from novel probiotic Lactobacillus bacteria for controlling Candida infection 2012/2013
7 12111512 80000 Antifungal resistance and virulence attributes of Candida bloodstream isolates derived from Hong Kong 2012/2013
8 25110514 255000 Oral Health Promotion for and through Indonesian Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong 2011/2012
9 11100992 704448 Investigation of the functional significance of phytase activity in Candida albicans: gene disruption, pH regulation, and virulence study 2011/2012
10 HKU 765111M 764500 Effects of silver diamine fluoride application on tooth root caries in a multi-plaque artificial mouth system 2011/2012
11 HKU 7310/00M 1028100 Molecualr mechanism of bacteria-host interactions in periodontal diseases-biological, pathological and clinical implications 2000/2001
12 HKU 7331/00M 496800 The significance of post-treatment maintenance care and its rational prescription to patients with advanced periodontal disease in Hong Kong 2000/2001
13 0 Clinical, microbiological and histopathological study of oral diseases in renal transplant patients in Hong Kong 1999/2000
14 HKU 7177/99M 957540 In vitro development of a root caries model using the artificial mouth 1999/2000
15 46000 The combined antimicrobial efficacy of surfactant agents and glass ionomer cements on cariogenic organisms 1997/1998
16 HKU 7287/97M 582120 Microbial and host response factors for diagnosis of periodontal diseases and monitoring of treatment response 1997/1998
17 90000 The combined antimicrobial efficacy of surfactant agents and glass ionomer cements on cariogenic organisms 1996/1997
18 45000 The combined antimicrobial efficacy of surfactant agents and glass ionomer cements on cariogenic organisms 1996/1997
19 HKU 334/93M 483000 Experimental gingivitis in "rapid" and "slow" plaque formers. A logitudinal clinical and bacteriological investigation 1993/1994
20 0 Clinical and microbiological features of angular cheilitis 1991/1992



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