A clinical test of negation in Cantonese

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A clinical test of negation in Cantonese
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Dr Leung, Cheung Shing   (Principal investigator)
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Freemasons' Fund for East Asian Studies - General Award
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In speech and language therapy, assessment tools play a very important role. Information obtained from valid and appropriate assessment tests will provide speech and language therapists useful information for designing effective treatment plans and intervention strategies for their clients. A large number of assessment tools are available for evaluating the language abilities of English-speaking children with language disorders. However, there are no such tools in Cantonese. There is an urgent need to develop these tools for the need, we intend to design a series of clinical assessment tools to assess the grammatical ability of Cantonese-speaking speakers who have language problems. The Cantonese grammar has been choosen for investigating the expression of negation in order to produce a test that will help Hong Kong speech and language therapiests assess Cantonese-speaking client's ability in understanding negation.