A research programme on embryo biotechnology

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A research programme on embryo biotechnology
Principal Investigator
Emeritus Professor Chan, Samuel Ting Hon   (Principal investigator)
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Croucher Foundation - Research Grants
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To make a detailed investigation of the basic mechanisms of fertilization and implantation, leading to a new approach in the control of fertility (human) and infertility (endangered animals); to expand our existing scope of research in mammalian reproduction to include the related spheres of embryo freezing and embryo manipulation so that Hong Kong becomes a key centre for this type of research in S.E. Asia and play a more significant role in bringing modern biological technology from the West into the East; to establish a research link between Hong Kong and China in the field of mammalian reproductive biology and experimental embryology, and to undertake some collaborative projects; to carry out toxicological and teratological research using embryoculture as an experimental tool for investigating the effects of pollutants and drugs, particularly those relevant to Hong Kong.