Public and comparative law project

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Public and comparative law project
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University Grants Committee Central Allocation Vote - General Award
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Under the original UGC application, funding was sought to set up a law research centre with a variety of programs. The fund eventually obtained was geared only at the establishment of the Law-On-Line database service, requiring it to generate enough revenue in due course to ensure financial self-sufficiency, and partially support the law centre. It aims at creating access to information via an on-line network to support and update legal research, and is offered on the World Wide Web for local and overseas access. Originating as a human rights database project, its services have now expanded to cover a variety of legal materials and business information on Hong Kong and China, derived from three main sources: commercial information suppliers, in-house data, and free information provided by semi-governmental groups. The project is currently working with Tsinghua University in Beijing to set up a system contact point for its other China partners through the Internet, and an on-line network among all law schools in China. We hope to further our collaboration in legal research between tertiary institutions in Hong Kong and with our counterparts in China and neighbouring countries, and ultimately produce an important resource for Hong Kong and China.