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Data from: Automatic Detection and Reproduction of Natural Head Position in Stereo-Photogrammetry
Author of Dataset
Hsung, Tai-Chiu1
Li, Tik-Shun1
Hsung, Tai-Chiu1
Date of Dataset Creation
The aim of this study was to develop an automatic orientation calibration and reproduction method for recording the natural head position (NHP) in stereo-photogrammetry (SP). A board was used as the physical reference carrier for true verticals and NHP alignment mirror orientation. Orientation axes were detected and saved from the digital mesh model of the board. They were used for correcting the pitch, roll and yaw angles of the subsequent captures of patients’ facial surfaces, which were obtained without any markings or sensors attached onto the patient. We tested the proposed method on two commercial active (3dMD) and passive (DI3D) SP devices. The reliability of the pitch, roll and yaw for the board placement were within ±0.039904°, ±0.081623°, and ±0.062320°; where standard deviations were 0.020234°, 0.045645° and 0.027211° respectively. Conclusion: Orientation-calibrated stereo-photogrammetry is the most accurate method (angulation deviation within ±0.1°) reported for complete NHP recording with insignificant clinical error.
Hsung, TC, Lo, J, Li, TS, Cheung, LK. (2015). Data from: Automatic Detection and Reproduction of Natural Head Position in Stereo-Photogrammetry. [Data File]. All relevant data are within the paper and its Supporting Information files. Click on “Linked Publications” to access the publication and access supporting information on figshare at
Subject (RGC Codes)
M2 — Medicine, Dentistry & Health — 醫學, 牙科學及保健
  • 1208 — Dentistry — 牙科學
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  • 1105 — DENTISTRY — 牙科醫學
    • 110501 — Dental Materials and Equipment — 牙科材料學及設備
mesh model
orientation calibration
head position
Natural Head Position
angulation deviation
yaw angles
Automatic Detection
NHP recording
reproduction method
DI 3D SP devices
reference carrier
Orientation axes
board placement
NHP alignment mirror orientation
  1. Univ Hong Kong, Fac Dent, Discipline Oral & Maxillofacial Surg, Pokfulam, Hong Kong, Peoples R China