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R & D of PCN/S in Asia-pacific regionLam, WH1995101
R and D of PCN/S in Asia-Pacific RegionLam, WH1995106
An R package for analyzing and modeling ranking dataLee, H; Yu, PLH201332
R&D financing and the boundary and ownership structure of the firmHuang, H; Xu, C200578
R.E.N.A.L nephrometry scoring system for management of solid renal massWong, EMH; Cho, KY; Ho, KL; Wong, JKW; Lai, TCT; Man, VCM; Yiu, MK201280
R2 imaging of ferritin iron in thalassaemia patients off and on iron-chelation therapyKim, D; Jensen, JH; Tosti, CL; Wu, EX; Sheth, SS; Brown, TR; Brittenham, GM2009256
RAAV-mediated gene delivery to the mandibular condyleDai, J; Rabie, ABM200688
rAAV-mediated long-term expression of endostatin significantly inhibits the progression of HCC (Abstract)Ng, SM; Gao, Y; Lum, CT; Yang, Z; Lau, G; Fan, ST; Kung, H; Lin, MC2005155
rAAV-mediated long-term expression of endostatin significantly inhibits the progression of HCC (Abstract)Ng, SS; Gao, Y; Lum, CT; Yang, Z; Lau, G; Fan, ST; Kung, H; Lin, MC2004100
rAAV-mediated stable expression of heme oxygenase-1 in stellate cells: A new approach to attenuate liver fibrosis in ratsTsui, TY; Lau, CK; Ma, J; Wu, X; Wang, YQ; Farkas, S; Xu, R; Schlitt, HJ; Fan, ST2005130
Rab25 is a tumor suppressor gene with anti-angiogenic and anti-invasive activities in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaTong, M; Chan, KW; Bao, Y; Wong, KY; Chen, J; Kwan, PS; Tang, KH; Fu, L; Qin, YR; Lok, S; Guan, X; Ma, SKY201247
Rabbit articular cartilage repair using collagen-mesenchymal stem cell microspheresLi, YY; Cheng, HW; Chow, ST; Cheung, KMC; Chan, D; Chan, BP201227
Rabbit bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells induced collagen gel contraction-fabrication of tissue-like structures with different cell densitiesHui, TY; Ho, G; Cheung, KMC; Chan, D; Cheung, WL; Chan, BP2005156
A rabbit lens epithelial cell line supports expression of an exogenous crystallin gene characteristic of lens fiber cell differentiationMeakin, SO; Reddan, JR; Tsui, LC; Breitman, ML1989280
Rabbit sex hormone binding Globulin gene and analysis of its proximal promoterIp, CY; Lee, WWM; Hammond, GL1999109
Rabbit sex hormone binding globulin: Primary structure, tissue expression, and structure/function analyses by expression in Escherichia coliLee, WM; Wong, AST; Tu, AWK; Cheung, CH; Li, JCH; Hammond, GL1997118
The Rabbit Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin Gene: Structural Organization and Characterization of Its 5'-Flanking RegionIp, YC; Lee, WWM; Hammond, GL2000107
The rabbit sex hormone-binding globulin gene: Structural organization and characterization of its 5′-flanking regionIp, YC; Lee, WM; Hammond, GL200055
Rabbit sex hormone-binding globulin: expression during embryonic development and identification of a noval exon-skipped isoformNg, KM; So, MT; Lee, WWM2005167
Rabbit sex hormone-binding globulin: Expression in the liver and testis during postnatal development and structural characterization by truncated proteinsWong, AST; Lui, WY; Hui, ITC; Lee, WM2001176
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