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K + channels in cultured bovine retinal pericytes: Effects of β-adrenergic stimulationQuignard, JF; Harley, EA; Duhault, J; Vanhoutte, PM; Félétou, M200381
K +-induced hyperpolarization in rat mesenteric artery: Identification, localization and role of Na +/K +-ATPasesWeston, AH; Richards, GR; Burnham, MP; Félétou, M; Vanhoutte, PM; Edwards, G200259
K'ang Yu-wei's view of historical progressShin, Chi-lam, Sebastian.; 冼梓林1970268
The K(Ca) channel as a trigger for the cardioprotection induced by kappa-opioid receptor stimulation –- its relationship with protein kinase CCao, C; Chen, M; Wong, TM2005265
K(Ca)3.1 channels mediate the increase of cell migration and proliferation by advanced glycation endproducts in cultured rat vascular smooth muscle cells. [Epub ahead of print]Zhao, LM; Su, XL; Wang, Y; Li, GR; Deng, XL201259
K-Dimensional hashing scheme for hard disk integrity verification in computer forensicsJiang, ZL; Fang, JB; Hui, LCK; Yiu, S; Chow, KP; Sheng, MM2011137
K-doping induced peak effect in melt-textured grown YBa2-xKxCu3Oy crystalsWang, Z; Zhang, H; Gao, J; Yang, T; Qiu, L; Yao, XX2002121
K-DV solutions as quantum potentials: isospectral transformations as symmetries and supersymmetriesKong, Cho-wing, Otto.; 江祖永.1990479
k-opioid receptor agonist inhibits the cholera toxin sensitive G-protein in the heartYu, XC; Diao, TM; Pei, JM; Zhang, WM; Wong, NS; Wong, TM2001105
K-recombination haplotype inference in pedigreesChin, FYL; Zhang, Q; Shen, H2005104
A k-sample test with interval censored dataYuen, KC; Shi, J; Zhu, L200687
K-shell emission of neutral iron line from sagittarius B2 excited by subrelativistic protonsDogiel, V; Chernyshov, D; Koyama, K; Nobukawa, M; Cheng, KS2011120
K252a induces anoikis-sensitization with suppression of cellular migration in Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)-associated nasopharyngeal carcinoma cellsNg, YK; Wong, EYL; Lau, CPY; Chan, JPL; Wong, SCC; Chan, ASK; Kwan, MPC; Tsao, SW; Tsang, CM; Lai, PBS; Chan, ATC; Lui, VWY2012138
Kadoorie Hill: the garden city of KowloonLu, Lyn-wah, Dennis.; 呂聯華2007827
Kadsura acsmithii (Schisandraceae): A new species from BorneoSaunders, RMK1997137
Kaduva of privileged power, instrument of rural empowerment? The politics of English (and Sinhala and Tamil) in Sri LankaLim, LLS201321
Kaduva of privileged power, instrument of rural empowerment? The politics of English (And Sinhala And Tamil) in Sri LankaLim, L2009117
Kaempferol enhances endothelium-independent and dependent relaxation in the porcine coronary arteryXu, YC; Yeung, DKY; Man, RYK; Leung, SWS2006112
Kaempferol enhances endothelium-independent relaxation: The role of cAMP pathway and K+ channelsXu, YC; Leung, SWS; Vanhoutte, PMGR; Man, RYK200597
Kaempferol potentiated relaxation in porcine coronary arteries and stimulated large-conductance potassium channes in HUVECXu, YC; Leung, SWS; Leung, GPH; Vanhoutte, PMGR; Man, RYK200689
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